“scene of the crime: A day like any other”: The commissioners Paula Brent Hahn (Dagmar Manzel), Felix Voss (Fabian Hinrichs, center) and Sebastian butcher (Andreas Leopold Schadt) look at the body of Katrin Tscherna (Katharina Spiering)

©BR/Hendrik Gentiles/Claussen + cleaning

In the “scene of the crime: A day like any other” (24. February, at 20:15, the First) to be shot at a distance of exactly one hour in Bayreuth with the same weapon in different places, two people. Can solve, the commissioners Paula Brent Hahn (Dagmar Manzel, 60), Felix Voss (Fabian Hinrichs, 45) and her Team the mystery before there is a third victim? What is it exactly and if the Switch is worth it? Here’s the answer:

What’s in the crime?

The day in Bayreuth starts out like any other. But then a murder occurs. A Bayreuth lawyer shoots in the ongoing process of a judge. Shortly before the fact, he looks at the clock and waits for the full hour. Then he flees. Exactly one hour later, a University employee dies. Back to being a lawyer, Thomas Peters (Thorsten Merten, 56) is the culprit and flees.

There are initially no clear motive, no connection between the perpetrator and the two Victims. However, there are establish a pattern. A third murder for the next hour threatens? Who will be the victim? And where the killer will strike this time? The commissioners and their Team identify in a race against time to save the next potential victim.

the Switching Worthwhile?

Yes, it’s worth it. Already alone, because it about 15 minutes before the end of the first seemingly absurd, incredibly exciting, and ultimately, surprisingly. This murder mystery is Packed in addition, the “controversial topic of food scandals” in a Thriller “without any finger wagging”, as well as writer Erol Yesilkaya explains.

The unusual, with lots of flashbacks told “crime scene” was, among other things, in the world famous Richard-Wagner-Festspielhaus in Bayreuth (upper Franconia) is rotated. So anyone who wanted to know always times, to lead where Chancellor and co. every year in summer, culture of mind, be of interest to these scenes.

Experienced “Tatort”-Fans will be familiar to a murder lawyer, Thomas Peters, by the way. Actor Thorsten Merten plays since 2013, detective chief inspector Kurt Stich, the head of the Weimar “crime scene”investigators Lessing (Christina elm) and Kira Dorn (Nora Tschirner).