The commissioners Luka Weber (Carlo Ljubek) and Franziska Tobler (Eva Löbau)

©SWR/Benoit Linder

For the third Time, the “Tatort”-Fans were treated, the investigators watching the team from the black forest at work. However, the budgetary Commissioner on the side of Franziska Tobler (Eva Löbau, 46), Friedemann mountain, was replaced. Why? And who is this young actor, believable and heart was the title “Damian” so incredibly heartbreaking? Here are the answers.

1. Where was Commissioner Friedemann mountain?

The actor Hans-Jochen Wagner (50), who plays the actual black forest-investigators Friedemann mountain, during the shooting of the sick, and had to be replaced because of this, such as the SWR. Further Details of the transmitter is not called, however. In the Plot mountain suffered a leg fracture in a skiing accident and is not published to the service. Exceptionally, Mr Luka Weber (played by Carlo Ljubek, 42) took over the Position.

2. Shown is the schizophrenia of the student realistic?

The diagnosis of schizophrenia is a highly complex process in which numerous Tests are carried out. These Details are beyond the scope of a 90-minute Sunday afternoon thrillers. Realistic the representation is, nevertheless, Doctors must find several typical symptom groups in the patient, to diagnose schizophrenia. Among these typical groups, among other things, delusions, hallucinations, or desorganisiertes Thinking or behavior. These symptoms seem to Damian to be.

3. Who is the actor behind Damian?

It was the first major TV starring role in the still very young career of Thomas Prenn, who plays in “Damian” very convincing of the same name students. Prenn was born in 1994 and is an Italian citizen. The native South Tyrol and grew up in the Pustertal, and then studied at the Berlin College for dramatic arts. The 1,84 Meter Prenn belongs to the Ensemble of the Badisches Staatstheater in Karlsruhe.

4. What’s next for the black forest-“the scene of the crime”?

The fourth episode of the “crime scene”investigation team is already in the box, and was shot by the end of July in Freiburg and Baden-Baden. Also Hans-Jochen Wagner, of course, was back on Board. Tobler and mountain investigate a missing persons case in which there is almost no hope. To notes from a totally different case, let the Disappearance of a teenager in a new light. The broadcast is scheduled for 2019.