Earlier it was the hourglass, today, the electric vibrating toothbrush, when the long three minutes of tooth cleaning is finally over. At the Consumer Electronics Show (short as CES) in Las Vegas, it has now been demonstrated with the Y-Brush a model, this creates it significantly faster – and in just ten seconds for a clean set of Teeth.

Considering how many hours and days you spend in life with teeth brushing, that is, of course, an attractive offer. Is reached the high speed by the largest time is eliminated eater: the tedious back – and-Forth between teeth. Instead, the up to 32 teeth be cleaned easily all at once.


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This is sequentially the bit-halves in a curved top that resembles a retainer. plug Therein to rotate the same over the entire length of the slats, the clean all the teeth at once in a 45-degree angle. After a few seconds, the second half is off, then the teeth should be clean, assures the manufacturer, the French company FasTeesH. The brush sets, according to the company, on the dentist-recommended method is to brush with small, circular movements. While regular toothpaste can be used.

So that the attachments fit, they are available in four different sizes available, also a kids size. The price of almost 100 Euro moves the brushes within the framework of other electric tooth. In the basic package, only a holder and the brush are included in the Couple and family package will be a surcharge for each additional papers, and holder.

art exhibition: Whispering Harleys and TVs that can be rolled up: these are the Highlights of the CES Fullscreen

buzz instead of hum

the cars of electric Trend is unstoppable for years, now also a cult motorcycle manufacturer Harley get Davidson. Otherwise for loud engines, advertises the Livewire with the Solagan “The Loudest thing you will hear is turf of your heart.” The price of E-cars is just under $ 30,000, starting in February, can be pre-ordered.

manufacturer Not prior to April

at Least this is planned. The Kickstarter-funded toothbrush will be delivered starting in April for the first time, only then you will be able to prove that you can keep your full-bodied promise. Clinical trials or an assessment by experts can be found on the company website so far.

at Least one pesky step of the dental cleaning, the Y will not be able to solve-Brush but The Cleaning by the space between the brush and floss you can’t replace.