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“I parlar!”, calls the strong woman and gives me a radiant three-Ožujsko Cup on the improvised stadium counter. We are at one of the rickety tables in the Parking lot of the HŠK Zrinjski Mostar, behind us, the gray plastered wall to the stadium. Therein, a square hole, bordered with white, from which the Tickets are sold.

Anne Hahn, 1966 in Magdeburg, born, author, and subculture researcher, publications: along with Frank to can man: “stadium of the partisan Fans and Hooligans in the GDR,” Berlin, 2007, “Satan, you me forgive, Otze Ehrlich, slime and germ, and all the Rest”, Mainz 2008, “The white line”, Berlin/Bautzen in 2011. Novels: “facing China,” Mainz 2014, “three diary”, Mainz, 2014, “The heart of the Eel”, Mainz 2017 © private

Everything is symbolic in this city, the ruins, the shimmering heat, the mighty cross on the Croatian house mountain, the Orthodox Church new building on the other, the minarets in the middle of it, and somewhere deep below the river, the Croats and Bosniaks separates. We are friends – a man and two women, who have gone in September 2018 in Belgrade, Zenica, Sarajevo and Visegrad on a football-savvy to the Balkans.

best Mostar early in the morning when the town belongs to the animals. We climb down from our apartment on the busy country road. The Muslim centre with its mosques and graveyards still slumbers, a cat is walking on the shining stones of the empty main street of Braće Fejića, we cross the river to the North of the old town. In the Western part of the hustle and Bustle, bakeries and hairdressers reigns frequented, music swells from the shops. The bell tower of the Franciscan monastery protrudes like a Phallus, shopping centres, Hotels and tour buses, filled with rolling suitcase carriers. In a South-easterly direction, the age of the houses and the Asphalt changes to pebbles to fist-sized cobbles. Here and there a wooden Window is opened, the seller of juggling glasses, trays, Coffee.

A lane to rise and suddenly in front of us in the sunshine – the bridge, more than 400 years ago built 25 years ago, destroyed in 2004 and rebuilt. Your bright stones arches and a fantastic view to the Neretva valley. Three thick haired mutt lying across the Stari Most draped, and sleep, among them, glittering kingfishers along shoot blue of the river. No tourists are on the road to the first world cultural heritage site of Bosnia look Herzegovina. A little later, the East side has us back and we decide to go to the Museum Of war And Genocide Victims.

We see models of concentration camps, images of Liberated, Survivors. Ruined Cities, Churches, Mosques, Schools. Photos of Croatian soldiers destroyed the bridge.

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