Smartphones have been in the past ten years, faster, thinner and larger. However, as was achieved in terms of pants pocket compatibility the Maximum, the focus of the manufacturer is to minimize the edge around the Display. As a result, more of the screen could be accommodated on the same area. This is possible thanks to the Notch: there is Hardly a high-end Smartphone from the year 2018 renounced the conspicuous notch in the top of the screen, with the iPhone X. It was the Smartphone Trend of the last year.

2019 and bustle of it, the manufacturer even further to the top. We present four Trends, Smartphones will reach this year.

hole in the Display: The new Selfie-camera

The Notch was designed to have various Sensors for face detection, speakers and cameras in a confined space. Really nice, the screen recess, however, is not. 2019 try several manufacturers that accommodate front-facing camera. Samsung has already announced the Galaxy A8s, the front camera is only a tiny dot in the Display. Huawei has already let it leak that its phones also have this technology. Just ask yourself: is a hole in the screen really is the better choice?


Samsung relies on a small camera, directly in the Display

©manufacturer manufacturer of fingerprint scanner in the screen

The fingerprint scanner to Unlock the phones was very convenient. In the past year, the technology has been replaced increasingly by face unlock cameras. Here, you can have it both ways, as the Huawei Mate 20 Per demonstrated: There is a Sensor located directly in the Display. But this works not in every case reliable, about with wet fingers. The technique, however, improved. The next Generation operates with a new type of ultrasonic Sensors and is still coming in this year.

Foldable Displays

It is the wish dream of many Techies: A compact Smartphone that can be folded apart easily. So far, the foldable Smartphone failed because of technical hurdles. Samsung wants to have solved the problem now, in this year, the already in 2018, presented in fold-out Phone on the market. What is the cost of the device, is still unclear. Conveniently, it is, however, not the case. Whether the technology in everyday life provides all the advantages, must also show in the first place.

5G: Blazing fast Internet

4G also known as LTE brought blazingly fast Internet to our phones. This year, the first Smartphones to support the successor, 5G, enables even faster data. However, only a few Premium Smartphones are expected this year to be able to. In the mass market will prevail 5G probably not until 2020 or even 2021. At this point, you can then book the appropriate rates for the providers.

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