In the plane there is little space, you are sitting crammed together with the other passengers in his row and then it can also be turbulent. Not infrequently, it will not feel many a passenger queasy. Here, flight attendants help where they can.

a flight attendant explains how you will be spilled on traveling with ladies stains from your clothes bind remove

Thus, in the case of turbulence a drink. Short not to indulge in see – air hole! and the contents of the Cup lands on the blouse. Here, too, a flight attendant, a often supportive.

So also the flight attendant Emily Witkop, who now informs the Portal New York Post, how to tie a women’s a fresh stain from a shell, it can remove it. This is according to her, a Maxi sanitary napkin on the stain. The binding absorb the stain easily and leave no unsightly residues on the clothing, how it wipes about be in paper hand-the case, says Witkop. Ideal for traveling so if no stain removal products to Hand.

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However, Witkop acknowledges that this procedure might come for any traveler in question, since the image can cause some people irritation. “You have to think carefully who you offer this solution,” says the flight attendant. “People will be either or absolutely terrified love.”

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