Also in 2019 is nothing without your own Smartphone


Always thin, always bigger: There are some developments in the field of Smartphones, has been running for years, always the Same. 2019 but should also very much more exciting new features to mobile phone Fans.

More Display with less edge

smart phones are not only have been growing for years, even the display itself will grow in comparison to the housing. Manufacturer such as Apple or Google currently on a so-called Notch, a recess in the upper edge of the housing, in which usually, among other things, front camera and Sensors to hide. As a result, the margins can be reduced on the front of a smartphone in many cases. This model should also be followed by many other manufacturers for future models. It is also still minimal.

little hole

Several manufacturers, including Huawei and Samsung, upcoming Smartphones to so-called “Pinhole”cameras, in order to save the Notch. The recess is, for example, disappeared when Huawei Nova 4, a kind of hole in which the front camera is housed at the upper left edge of the image. Similar to the Galaxy A8s from Samsung, in China, this is already available. Internationally, the Smartphone should appear but probably in January.

Kannste knicken…

is Particularly exciting is the return of the foldable mobile phones. Of course, not the old models will come back, instead, more and more companies are focusing on Smartphones in the folding Format. For example, at the Samsung Developer Conference (SDC 2018) presented the South Koreans in November, a corresponding prototype. In the collapsed state (4,58-inch Display) the device can be used as an ordinary Smartphone. As soon as the user drops the phone, but the phone will display the App on the larger Screen (a 7.3-inch Display) automatically.

Five cameras in the Smartphone

The least Smartphones nowadays come with a simple camera on the back. Two lenses are actually Standard. According to the “more is better”principle, is likely to put some of the upcoming phones but also on more lenses. The existing Huawei Mate 20 with, for example, brings in addition to the front-facing camera three-fold camera on the back. The beginning of 2018 released HTC U11 EYEs, by contrast, has installed two front cameras. Quite possible, therefore, that models with a total of four or five built-in cameras could enjoy growing popularity.

safety is important

security – especially in relation to personal data – is at the present time becoming more and more important. More and more manufacturers are putting their Smartphones to either facial recognition or fingerprint sensors in the Display, such as, for example, the recently released OnePlus 6T. In addition, manufacturers are feverishly working on improving the already used technologies. The Pixel 3 of Google, a so-called “Titan M”Chip, for example, for use, the concentrates purely on the safety of the user and for encryption.

no theme

2019 will be the first Smartphones with support for the 5G Standard, generally, the even faster mobile Internet, but this year still no issue. In Germany, the new Standard is to be expected in 2020.