fitness tracker, step counter, pulse watch or Smartwatch: For many people, it is part of everyday life, to measure their own level of Activity and/or to control. The demand for such devices is large. All the more surprise that the Finnish provider of Polar, one of the pioneers in the field of mobile heart rate measurement, geizte least with new releases in the high-end area.

in mid-September, the Wait was over. Just in time for the Frankfurt Marathon, the Finns brought their new Vantage series, the Start and should have taken care of this alone because of the sales prices for increased pulse rate. Around 450 euros for the range-topping Vantage V due, which is technically stripped-down M Version starts at just under 230 Euro. What you get for the money, whether and for whom the purchase is worthwhile, you can find here.

Polars Vantage V: performance measurement in watts


Miss me! Such as fitness watches, are revolutionizing the sports industry

visually, we have tested Vantage V in the colors of Black, White and Orange power, thanks to the stainless steel housing and its excellent processing of a very high quality impression. The multi-sport watch is also joints for narrow hand too large and with its unobtrusive Design, perfectly suitable for everyday wear. To operate you can allow the user five side buttons, as well as a colored touch display, the horizontal and side-to-side wiping motions. The lower Vantage models, but without the touch screen.

touch displays are available from the competitors, Garmin, Suunto and co. already no longer in use. For ambitious Amateurs and professional athletes, the Vantage series is aimed primarily, but anyway, more on the inner values, that is to say the technical equipment. And since Polar does not only brings to other providers, the company relies on one point of the new Benchmark: the Vantage V is the first clock, a measurement of the current drive power in watts, and without external Sensors. Possible a built-in Barometer, which evaluates to the calculation of the absolute or relative values (watts per kilogram of body weight), the current speed, the acceleration, and rise or slope. For the Benefit of more later.

pulse measurement via LED

The pulse measurement itself is carried out on the wrist without a chest strap, which may, however, be purchased (price: 50 Euro) and ECG-accurate values. You are wearing the watch without the strap, measure a total of nine on the bottom of the LED lights brought in to the blood stream under the skin and calculate the current heart rate. Four also placed metal sensors to analyze the quality of the skin contact. They also serve as contacts for the charging cradle, making via a USB connection to the Computer, and the browser-based platform-Polar Flow.

How the competitors ‘ products, the Vantage V has a GPS to measure distance and speed. A navigation function, it does not exist yet, but should be available via software update. Likewise, the calories are determined consumption during Training and in everyday life completed steps counted. Who wears the watch at night, you can even analyze your own sleep. The Vantage V automatically measures the sleep time and also night-time agitation phase, and awake times.

Generally speaking, polar’s new flagship model supplied to its users – or its Trainer – with all sorts of data. Special attention to Polar places on the continuous measurement of the Balance of training load and recovery. This not only includes the Training of several months will be compared to each other. The clock calculated on the Basis of the heart rate (Cardio Load), the power in watts (Muscle Load), as well as the individual evaluation of the unit (Perceived Load), how intense the last workout was, and gives recommendations, when the next Workout will take place, or how long the recovery period should be.


they call the ambulance

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By Christoph Fröhlich Great hooks: small hooks

After the power is turned on a large, easy to read screen in the settings to your own preferences, at least, easy to customize awaits the user. By wiper movement can be used to change between the different Displays. In addition to the pure time-of-day and date indication in either daily activity, training status, current heart rate, or an Overview of the last training here unit. The latter two are activated by tapping on it. Push Notifications from the Smartphone, the watch can not receive currently, although there is a corresponding on-screen display. The Battery life Polar is in training mode, 40 hours.

a bit annoying, the Tightening of the clock. The reason is a small metal hook latches in one of the two Bracelet. This is to guarantee that the Vantage V stays in place during Training. Ultimately, it prevents but also, that the bracelet can be easy to push through. So you have to frickeln in part, no longer around, until it works finally.

The wearing comfort of the watch is also in the running training is very high. The Polar recommended placement behind the wrist bump felt only initially somewhat unusual. In the Test, the clock quickly found the GPS Signal, distance, and speed you recorded precisely and without interruptions. The measurement of the heart rate worked flawlessly, even if the values appeared somewhat too low. Very useful proved to be that the watch lights up when you lift them to look at. Although the light could be brighter, the current values, even when Running in the dark for easy reading. Unfortunately, the Vantage V switches on the light with every movement in everyday life which can interfere.


In the App, the measurements in the Detail, you can evaluate performance measurement and injury prevention

The biggest advantage over competing products in the already mentioned run power measurement in watts. While the displayed heart rate to speed and will always be a little time-shifted, reacted, adapted to the capacity values in parallel. This makes especially for the targeted control of the power sense, for example, during mountain runs, and intervals. Or if a load is to be evenly. In addition, the function allows, according to the manufacturer, to calculate the load on muscles, joints and the skeletal system and Overloads to prevent.

As of Polar used, the coupling with the Flow-training platform, mostly without problems. The synchronization will bereits drop sports profiles, as well as of the personal body data, worked in the Test also smoothly. Anyone who switches from another Polar watch, so you can get started immediately. A total of around 130 pre – configured Profiles (Indoor and Outdoor) available to the user, to the own Portfolio and the individual performance values can be adjusted. Here is likely to find pretty much any of his sports again. The view of the training units in the Web Browser or in the Flow App is clearly arranged and visually appealing.

conclusion: More than just

Catch up After years without a new Top model, the Polar with the Multisport and Triathlonuhr Vantage V has not only succeeded and the competition caught up. The Finns have set the built-in measurement of the performance without any additional devices also. Especially all those who want to analyze your Training in Detail, with the help of at your pleasure. Anyone looking for a watch for Running, for the Vantage V is exaggerated for sure. To this audience it is likely to have a Polar but not apart. Rather, the professional athletes widespread at intended precisely for those, or very ambitious (endurance)athlete, the run-oriented in several types of sport performance. With a price of 500 Euro, the Vantage V is well below the sale prices of the direct competitors models, you can also Features (e.g., Navigation), who are elsewhere Standard. After all, Polar has promised in several Places with software updates to load. The company adheres to the leaves, the Vantage V little to be desired. To train you have to go still.

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