Smartphones are ubiquitous. As well as every person carries around a small Computer in his pocket, we spend a lot of time with them and almost everywhere you can see people on the things tap. German users between 16 and 34 years, to spend according to a study from the year 2017, about 70 minutes a day on your mobile phone. Like a life without a Smartphone looks like, can’t think of many at all and don’t want to try it out probably.

not Even for $ 100,000? So much money the company Vitaminwater to a Person which is not a whole year long on your Smartphone. On its Website, the beverage manufacturer calls for applications.

to participate, you must share on Twitter or Instagram with a Post in which you explained how you would prefer to spend his time than with on-screen scrolling. Two Hashtags, then you are in the draw.

365 days without a Smartphone – with a lie-detector Test

The conditions for the Grand prize: One must not use it 365 days long and on any Smartphone or Tablet . Thus, mobile phones are meant to have access to the Internet. An old-fashioned button phone for calls is in order, as well as a laptop or Desktop Computer. Professional purposes, however, are no exception. Previously, you should have the Smartphone you use every day.

Up to 8. January is the application process still, and then, afterwards, the coke belongs to Coca-picks a winner, may try the “Scroll free”year. Are allowed, however, only people living in the United States. In order to ensure that the candidate has in fact complied with all the requirements and all year long on Smartphones dispensed with, the participants at the end of the year, a lie-detector Test. It is only when he passes this, he also gets the prize money of 100,000 dollars. He should not keep quite as long, he also empty. According to the regulations, a participant who breaks off the Experiment after half a year gets at least 10,000 dollars.

source: Vitaminwater, BDVW market research