a Small, smart and cheap: The fire TV Stick also made older TV with little effort and cost to the Smart TV. It’s no wonder that the Amazon device is ideal for sold. The new model with 4K is faced with a Dilemma: 4K televisions are smart in General. We have tested the Stick and explain why he is still worth often.

actually, most important Change is in the name of the first fire TV Stick, the new model also 4K can display content. The only the fire TV and 4K (without a Stick), which is followed by the 4K-Stick could before. The Standard Stick is as effective Alternative in the program.


microwave and wall clock: Amazon’s strategy behind the quirky new Alexa-devices

Powerful technology in a small Stick,

As a 4K device alone, the Stick has a lot. With Dolby Vision, HDR10+ and the Surround sound via Dolby Atmos, it supports all the current Standards. According to good the image looks on a 4K TV. Whether Amazon Prime Video or Netflix: All cracking comes sharp and smooth on the TV. The HDR image impresses with strong colors and contrasts.

The fire TV Stick 4K at a Glance:

the Same housing as the fire TV stick support for 4K content, including Dolby Vision, HDR10+ and Dolby Atmos on a compatible TV remote control with Alexa and three new fire TV Stick 4K said: The Star is the remote control

As a true Star, the new remote control is fast. The has got in addition to the known keys as well. You can adjust the volume and mute. And: you can also turn on the TV, then Amazon’s user interface opens. The fire TV Stick is replaced, then the quasi-System of the TV. If you don’t use the TV for Live TV but only for Streaming, you can replace the old remote control almost completely.

Dolby Atmos

Apple TV now supports 3D sound and is the best Streaming Box

Amazon is on a shock can make the biggest Achilles heel of modern television takes advantage of the operating system. Most of the devices are smart today and will support Apps such as Netflix, or the media libraries, will need no additional hardware in the Form of a Streaming Box. Stuttering and load times are on many models, but normal, as fluid as a dedicated Streaming Box such as fire TV and the AppleTV is the only use in the exception. Not to buy a Box, but with two remote controls need to around works, but is also necessarily more pleasant. The new fire TV Stick, now supports both, solves this Dilemma. At least, if you look just a little bit of classic television.

Alexa, turn on the TV a

And it expands the TV by voice control: As with all Amazon devices, of course, is also assistant to the Alexa on-Board, helping in the search for content and shows the weather. An Echo in the room, the fire TV Stick also pair and can turn on even the on demand on the TV. On TVs with Alexa-App about Sony or Philipps – still other Features of the device by voice control.

anyone Who finds Alexa suspect, too, can do without it: unlike the always be listening the echoes of the remote of the fire TV launches only when you hold down the corresponding Button.

conclusion: Smart TV even better

The new fire TV Stick 4K combines support for all modern image – and Tonstandards with the usual good and liquid operation of the FireTVs. It is with the operating system of the TV happy, and you’ll find for the Stick but of little use. But for anyone who is annoyed by a poorly controllable and jerky Smart-TV System, and especially streams, here you can find a strong addition for a small price.

The fire TV Stick 4K is from the 14. To get November at Amazon, pre-orders are already up and running. The price is 60 Euro. You want to have only the new remote control, you can purchase them for 30 Euro separately.