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shortly after 18 PM, Ignacio Uriarte, alias Lions Head is on the stage of the Dessau Bauhaus, that world of pain, of not more, if you know in matters of love, what you want. “Don’t wanna see you go, don’t wanna see you, don’t wanna see you go, don’t wanna see you”, the American Singer-Songwriter croons through the thin window on the forecourt. There ZDF-Trucks, and various Security people and a couple of guests of the Café-bistro in the basement – grade-clad tourists, and clever-looking young people, Smoking and chatting. The venerable Bauhaus in the Here and Now. Applause from inside.

Who considered culture as a beautiful Wallpaper, but as a friction phenomenon, may yet miss the planned course of this Evening. Here, Fine cream fish fillet should occur in the context of the filmed concert series ZDF@Bauhaus. Would not have mobilized rights, and the extreme Right against the extreme left, so intolerable Band and didn’t get the Bauhaus Director Claudia Perren fear for floors and Windows and their Bauhaus-concert cancelled.

One would have seen that Yes but, and maybe it would have been even a little something for all those, in Fine cream fish is the ultimate threat to the democratic with each other fillet my to recognize: the overwhelming stage personality Jan Gorkow alias Monchi, singer of the Band, fluffy over-sock to the feet; as, the drums gently on replicas of Bauhaus carpets; as Museum employees entstuhlen with a worried look to the hall; and how, finally, the Gropius-Bau, even during the concert, the slightly self-conscious-looking Band and not legal to Pogo aufraffende 120-people-culture audience questioned whether this is really a powerful artistic and political response to right-wing extremism looks like.

Finest order

Instead, it looks like the Dessau world would remain this evening in the finest order. Between the Bauhaus and the Brauhaus, where the Fine cream fish fillet-concert to all sorts of Back-and-Forth as a substitute takes place, are around distance of a kilometre and that’s exactly the terrain transition, which may make a daring Experiment, a pretty ordinary affair. Over a few railroad tracks, it goes into the commercial area, the road is bumpy, the environment is karstic. Around the entrance to the former brewery site cars from the surrounding towns and country districts, but also from Hildesheim, Berlin and Leverkusen. The amount at the inlet is on the left of mixed heavy colorful. The few Iros are made up to the Celebration of the day, scratched mood. Whether the disaster could not bring protection to the front a couple of Beers, it was already quite unterhopft in the queue. Or maybe the police. The discreet, but clearly visible in the surrounding driveways.

Three Demos were logged on to this day in Dessau, of which a’s rights, it was canceled again. So the impact here as the first punk concert in a for punk concerts completely normal. Is it a must? And especially: don’t you have to be here, if you care also to punk rock?

Fine cream fish fillet are not tracked by the state, not even the protection of the Constitution still interested in the Band. They play in comparable cities in cultural centres and small halls, you have your audience, Fans, a quite comfortable space. The brewery, such as Monchi stressed in his greeting, “is not a glossy location, but a thousand times hotter” than the Bauhaus, one can understand against this Background. You can turn it around but of course: Not only the Bauhaus missed a Chance to debate. Fine cream fish fillet, make yourself comfortable, by curving the fact that you are playing a concert this evening in Dessau, to a heroic act of the Fans, the promoter, and themselves. To regret, instead of seriously angry, to be a great little appearance has been brought out, let go of in a ultimately smaller great appearance in the high boiler-house, only the one or the other tip in the direction of the Bauhaus. For example, the fact that instead of glass – only plastic beer bottles flying off the stage into the audience, commented that it was the members of the band, finally, well-behaved young people who wanted to scratch neither floors nor walls. “Because that’s where it ends!”, calls Monchi.