ten years Ago, appeared for the first Time Whatsapp, since then, we lead all on the Smartphone, duration of chats. In many ways, the Messenger has replaced personal conversations in a pub, office and among friends. We communicate more or less?

It has shifted the most. A lot of personal conversations, phone calls go just now via Whatsapp. In terms of quantity it has increased clearly. I do not mean but substantial: If you discussed something, agreed earlier soon, 50 Whatsapp messages go back and forth. The number of letters has certainly increased, but not the actual communication.

the medium of communication shapes the nature of the interaction. We talk through Whatsapp in a different way?

It is harder Feedback, just say “Yes” and “no”, is undifferentiated. You scarce writes in abbreviations. The spelling is less important, you take it because of the high speed. And slowly this Whatsapp-culture is then also in the other channels visible.

It is the immediate?

Exactly. If you held earlier with children at the roadhouse, it was said, you want a coke and an ice cream. Today, you want the Wi-Fi Login. Two hours without eating a without Whatsapp.

But, direct conversation is suffering. That Smartphones can make calls, is for young people doesn’t matter – you send prefer to voice messages.

the Phone is an incredibly stressful Medium. I speak, I must listen when the other speaks, and then I have to respond immediately, didn’t even a few seconds of time to think. This is the unpleasant pressure. The language I can put together message me in the head, send you and the other then has a game room, you are to listen and to respond. This takes out the Stress.

But you should not wait.

It should rather be three seconds than three hours. If you not responding for so long, is not the question, “do you Love me?” So soon enough it should already be. But this is a small cooling-off period, you can hear in the conversation with young people, often as a reason that they prefer to voice messages. You feel phone calls is not grown, have to be afraid, to not be quick-witted enough.

Is the well at high pressure to the Generation of Instagram, to have always a perfect present?

Sure. You can give no nakedness.

If you wrote a text message, not to disturb the past. In the case of Whatsapp, it is expected almost immediately a response.

In case of SMS also played a role that had to be paid. Again ask, went straight for the money. As Messaging with Whatsapp, and the other was free, it didn’t matter how often you ask. The technical development has also produced a Change in behavior.

because Of a hour

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we Are simply impatient?

Our society is simply grown faster. Earlier you bitched at the track after fifteen minutes of delay, now three of them are unacceptable. In movies and TV shows, the cuts have become faster, the pace for our visual stimuli too. The behavior is in a certain Form of addiction. Not only for young people.

Change the Messenger is also the beginning of human relations?

of Course, we learn today also know their own opportunities and threats. You can quickly know that you think of each other. I’ll send my wife in a greeting, I know that she’s happy, she’s doing it the same way. The danger is that they get abused a lot faster. Written words without the non-verbal communication are an Epidemic of misunderstanding. “Why only one heart? What’s going on?”

the Emojis Are a more important factor for the success of Whatsapp?

Sure. You can make easy communication even easier. The risk for misunderstandings increases even more. Now you can build, Yes, and even Emojis. Finally, we no longer understand us.

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this communication, it is also non-binding?

Because it represents our society. Far away from the communication, we set ourselves becoming less and less like it is open as long as possible all of the options. The finds in this form of communication. The Medium fits exactly in the time.

Earlier, it would have been unthinkable to run during a personal interview by the way, another conversation. Today people chat, of course, while others sit opposite.

There has changed something in our behavior. But this has to do in General with Smartphones. One is so accustomed to the constant stimulus. If for a while no-one came, it brings him self, and looks on the phone. If the conversation is not very exciting or challenging, happens automatically. After ten, twelve minutes, you need fuel. I note, however, that there is a conscious counter-movement that interferes with increasingly, mobile phones out there, or aware of aimed.

Create the Whatsapp group chats, such as Fan groups, or politically-oriented, conversation rooms, which wasn’t there before?

Cant dispute

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There are more people who have previously only rarely or never meet in any case, daily conversations. The to takes. The Trouble about the groups but also, then, if everything runs only on Whatsapp. At some point you must then set up a rules of the game, moderating, what belongs in each group and what is not.

Has changed the duration of the communication about certain topics such as policy debate?

For one, is sure to increase in Tempo, on the other, there is also a Screening. At the beginning of may, in groups or all, then it starts to be a pain, some leave the group, others will be thrown out.

politics or football used to be time at work, time at the table short besprochen, today, there are Whatsapp groups constantly available duration of debates. The Messenger fired so certain movements?

The political debate is clearly becoming more intense, but it is not only Whatsapp but also Facebook and the Internet culture. When football and politics, you want to show his indignation to the public, since the closed groups less fun.

Also in the work life changes via Whatsapp something. The work in chat groups to go after work – because it already has the App open and the Chats with the woman and the chat are quasi-equal footing.

I see, that it evolved into more of a clearer separation. In the accounting group, the boss is not here to see it. Or there are two groups, one official and one that can be exchanged in the open. It is then more like a private conversation between colleagues in a new Medium, it evens out again.

Would you recommend that companies, in General, the use of Whatsapp to talk about with customers?

in Principle, Yes, you can reach the customers where they feel comfortable. I also use prefer to Chat, to hang out instead of 25 minutes in the queue. From the point of view of protection in case of legal issues E-Mails are of course safer than Chats or phone calls – for customers and for the company.

chat programs, there were even earlier. Why is Whatsapp taken, in your opinion?

It came at the right time. The messages were free, it was at the same time with the Smartphone Boom. And at the end of it, just against other. It just works.

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Messenger tips

listen to Whatsapp voice messages

Earlier, man used the Whatsapp Messenger primarily for Chatting, for some time, especially the voice messages are extremely popular. However, as you listen to the best – without all the U-Bahn to nerves?