On his new album, These boys-there , the group has listened to a lot of the great Talking Heads and you can hear it. Between rock, punk and pop, Radio Elvis says even more before his style, between flights and modesty. The feather nimble, Pierre Guénard reflects on “the ultra-modern solitude” of our major cities. We sometimes think of Arcade Fire – other disciples of David Byrne – in this romance with fever. The album was produced by Pierrick Devin, close to Alex Gopher, collaborator of Phoenix Lomepal. The result is an approach singularly rhythmic, guitars in the back and voice before. The words make up for in clarity, and the writing appears more directly. These boys have to federate a large audience.

Trianon 80, bd de Rochechouart (Xviii).
Tel.: 01 44 92 78 00. Hours: on 4 apr. at 19: 30. Seating: 28 and 32 €.