combat aircraft to be refueled in the air, the method leads to a higher range and allows the Jets to take at the Start, more weapons on Board. The procedures are there for decades, now the U.S. Navy has ordered from Boeing is a very special tanker aircraft. The MQ-25 Stingray is a remote-controlled stealth drone without crew. In addition, you can launch from an aircraft carrier. Boeing received 805-million Dollar engineering, manufacturing and development contract for four copies. A total of 72 aircraft are needed, which costs about 13 billion dollars, the James Geurts, chief of the Navy acquisition said.

aircraft carrier

under water shots of the wreck of the USS Lexington

stealth show drone : The Boeing MQ-25 Stingray to the US carrier off China’s missiles to save Fullscreen

the originally proposed armament was omitted.

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Until the mid-2000s, the operating range of carriers launched bombers dwindled. Last updated on only 830 kilometres. Thus, the Jets could carry more weapons, the carrier closer to the target. The total Superiority of the U. S. Navy on the seas made it to any major risk that the carrier can operate close to the shore.

Russia and China prepare against carrier

in the Meantime, the situation looks different. The far inferior Russian Navy operates about in the Eastern Mediterranean under the Protective dome of far-reaching missiles, which are stationed in the country. Or, as the hypersonic weapon Kinzhal of aircraft from the start.


Caihong 5 – As China’s cheap-combat drones to conquer the world

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China is transforming the adjacent seas systematically in a death zone for enemy forces. The Chinese anti-ship missile DF-21D has a range of 1500 kilometres – today, a plane would have to operate on a carrier deep in the impact area of the rocket, so that its Jets would be close enough to the base of the DF-tire 21D suit.

Vice Admiral Mike Shoemaker said that the combat radius of a Super Hornet with the MQ-25 could of 830 km to over 1300 km increase. “I think we will recognize this day as a historical event,” said the Chief of Naval Operations and Admiral John Richardson. In fact, the U.S. Navy is entering several new territory. “From the operational point of view, we will mix for the first time, unmanned aircraft with manned in a single Formation.”

Originally, the Stingray stealth was designed attack drone. Until 2016 the program was focused on air to air refuelling. Ultimately, it appeared easier to develop a drone that will be able to fill all the existing Jets, than to build an attack plane with good range. It is interesting to note that Lockheed won the competition with the Design of a ‘flying wing’. On the Form the Name Stingray plays – skate.

combat drones like the Reaper are based mostly on a wing-body-tail design.The currently most famous flying wing of the US strategic Bomber Northrop B-2. These constructions go back to the designs of the Second world war. Reimar and Walter Horten developed at that time, the Horten H III and the Horten H IX, also Gotha Go 229. To the war use of these revolutionary aircraft were not, however.

China’s upgrading

type 055 – this missile destroyers to the Pacific ocean dominate

Beijing is building a destroyer type 055 after the other. These missile destroyers are going to be the bodyguard of a Chinese aircraft carrier. Apart from the US carriers, you are considered to be the most modern and battle, most powerful surface ships in the world.

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