The mobile industry promises, after years of preparation for a Revolution by the super-fast 5G wireless. On the most important industry show Mobile World Congress in Barcelona, several manufacturers showed first 5G Smartphones.

Deutsche Telekom gave the starting shot for a 5G network, to cover the work of Osram schwabmünchen to the South of Augsburg, with particularly fast Connections. Meanwhile, the discussion on the framework for Telecom providers in Europe.

For the rapid Expansion of the new generation of mobile communications, Telefónica CEO José María Álvarez-Pallete appealed to the appeals to policy-makers in Europe to take reasonable measures. The frequencies have to be assigned under “reasonable” rules and for longer periods of time. “Why do we have to buy same frequency spectrum over and over again?”, the group asked the chief in the hall. Governments should not use the 5G auctions as of short-term money machine.

Vodafone chief Executive Nick Read, underlined that it was wrong to consider 5G as a completely independent network. Rather, it is an other “layer” over existing 4G networks.

In the Osram factory, which gets a so-called Campus network with 5G, among other things, automatically controlled vehicles, which transport products and materials. A public and a private network is connected to an infrastructure.

The construction of the super-fast data transmission system, the mobile companies are currently working with high pressure. It is initially designed for applications in the industry. To are likely to at a later date private users benefit from 5G.

The need for larger screens for media content is also driving the biggest innovations in Smartphone Design for years, Several operators have announced phones that allow you to expand a Tablet.

Such innovation however, to ensure that the devices are not particularly expensive. The on Sunday in Barcelona, Huawei presented pop-up-phone-Mate X is expected to be just under 2300 Euro, previously the most expensive Smartphone. A few days ago introduced Galaxy Fold of Samsung for 2000 Euro. For a further folding device from the Chinese vendor TCL, no price was mentioned.

The South Korean group LG, meanwhile, tries to find a more cost – effective answer- with a second screen. The additional Display is in a kind of folding case and thus in the opened condition adjacent to the screen of the phone. The two Displays can act independently of each other, is promoting LG as an advantage. As you can see, for example, a movie, and at the same time on the other screen something on the Internet lookup. The solution from LG is likely to be much cheaper than the fold-Smartphones. At the announcement in Barcelona, a price was not mentioned, however.

The second screen in the case for the first Smartphone of the South Koreans, which supports the super-fast 5G wireless: the model V50 ThinQ 5G. Huawei Mate X should be in 5G networks are also faster than the competition, the manufacturer promises. And the Smartphone-and-comer Xiaomi’s rivals with a price of 599 euros for the first 5G under pressure.

Given the discussion on the possible risks posed by network-technology from China, the head of the consumer business of the industry giants Huawei, Richard Yu assured that the concerns were unfounded. “We leave no backdoor for any government,” said the Top-Manager in Barcelona.