Almost everyone knows this: You get a Mail from his Bank, his mobile phone provider or other company, with the request that his personal data. Some of these Mails do not land directly in the Spam folder, some are not. But how do I know whether the Mail is actually real and not just a scammer trying to acquire your sensitive information? Google has created to the topic of an Online Quiz. It should help to identify Phishing emails better.

To Start, you specify a name and an email address. Both may, according to Google, fictitious. Then you will receive Mails with different attachments or Links and choose: Phishing or not?


The Google Quiz, the user must decide: Phishing or not?


Next to the correct answer, Google also explains how we can recognize that it is a Phishing e-Mail and why you should not open attachments or Links. However, there is the Test only in the English language. For whom no obstacle is, you can find it here:

What is Phishing?

The Phishing attempt, fraudsters using emails or fake websites to obtain personal information. Often these are not obvious at first glance, to be as well-known Internet to be imitated appearances and Corporate Design. The emails contain either attachments or Hyperlinks.

So also Trojans, for example, are installed on the computer as soon as you click on them. By means of this Spähprogramms Criminals from attacking the sensitive account data. The same can lead to a if you click in a Mail Links to infected pages.

if you want to know that fraudulent emails are currently being reinforced in circulation, find out more on the website of the consumer centre NRW. Here is the latest Phishing are listing alerts.

source : Phishing-Test-Google/Verbraucherzentrale NRW