The Smartphone manufacturer Fairphone wants to develop with the help of a major cash injection in new markets.

In the case of several investment, the Dutch company was able to collect round for a total of 7 million euros, with the addition of loans in the amount of 13 million euros. The money-creating a “stable basis for the goal of sustainable growth strategy,” said the new Fairphone-Chief Eva Gouwens.

“We want to explore new products and business models, our sales and distribution structures and potential in untapped European markets expand and more effectively to the improvement of the supply chains work.”

Gouwens was replaced in October of the previous head and founder Bas Van Abel, who wants to take care of as a member of the Supervisory Board “to the “strategic Vision and the strengthening of the founding DNA of the company”.

The Dutch, who have so far sold more than 165,000 units, set at their Smartphones traditionally have a longer useful life. In addition, fairphone wants to produce his products as far as possible without exploitation of man and nature, and a movement for fairer electronics.