There are grisly images. People flee, suffer, die – and everything is seen from the point of view of the ice-cold offender. The terrorist attack on two mosques in Christchurch, new Zealand was transferred from the assassins live on Facebook, he commented on the fact his grisly, as though this were a game, a video. Alone in the 24 hours after the attack, the network had to delete the Clip 1.5 million Times. And shows a seemingly insoluble Problem of the social media.

Because of the really shocking number is different. Of the 1.5 million uploaded Videos, only 1.2 million of Facebook were automatically recognized as a Problem, they were shown directly blocked and never a user. But this means in turn: 300,000 Times users were able to spread on Saturday, the terrorist-Video in to the platform successfully, before it was discovered. How often do these Clips have been retrieved, not betrayed Facebook, according to “CNN”. Also, if in fact, all the variants were found, it cannot be answered.

Streaming service

pedophiles and suicide in children clip: Why Youtube is facing unsolvable problems

By Malte Mansholt, The brutalization of social media

Also on Twitter, Youtube and other platforms had spread the Clip. Reddit blocked in the result of the bottom “watch peopledie”, in the Clips of murders and accidents with a fatal outcome were collected. Such content are find for decades on the net, with social media, you are been catapulted from dubious corners of the net directly into the Mainstream.

the operators of The social networks are facing a Dilemma. You actually want to give everyone the opportunity to share free content, as well as seeking a lot of Content to offer – and, ultimately, advertising to siphon off profits. But what was in the beginning still manageable, has long been out of control. Similar as in the case of hate posts on the Internet communities in the case of violent and sexual images coarsened, the inhibitions of such content to upload at Facebook, drops. The technical development with Smartphones and Action Cams that can stream directly live, exacerbating the Situation.

Moreover, the contents are no longer in control due to the sheer number of Posts. The automation not be able to leave the networks. Appropriate programs will work, but are not yet fully matured, as one of the 300,000 Clips of the assassination. A fight against windmills, in the end all lose.

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Christchurch – from dealing with the madness

politicians call for responsibility

at the same time pressure grows. The new Zealand Prime-Minister has declared on Monday, the Tech companies would have to do “a lot”. You asked the operators of social networks to be aware of their responsibility in the case of offences such as the Christchruch aware of. The live stream had not been discovered by Facebook first, just a note, the police brought the group to delete it.

For Facebook, the debate comes at exactly the wrong time. The group for months because of its dealing with hate comments and Fake News in the criticism, had promised on several occasions to get a grip on its problems. The Google owned video platform Youtube was only recently due to disturbing content for children in the criticism.

Unsolvable Dilemma

As to the Problem to solve, however, is not clarified yet. Facebook has already set the world tens of thousands of moderators, to be able to critical Posts faster discover. Be Videos of the assassination, was also set on a technique called “Hashing,” said a spokeswoman for “CNN”. The file is converted into a value that can be detected and blocked. This method only works if the Clip is changed, compressed or cut.

to prevent The only really reliable method, such Posts, might not like the networks, however, even that Would have to be released each of the Post only, in addition to hate comments with sexual and violent content to filter out, before someone gets to the face. In the fast world of social networks and their never ending stream of fresh content and live streams, but that is simply unthinkable.

sources: CNN, Reuters, The Verge