Facebook CEO Sheryl Sandberg has insured at a gig in Munich, that the Online network had changed after the recent data scandal and the crisis of political Propaganda from Russia.

“We are not the same company as 2016, or a year ago,” said Sandberg on Sunday at the innovation conference DLD. Facebook more take against hate-filled posts and the Manipulation of public opinion, was one of the for the operating business responsible Top-Manager.

in Addition, the social network gave users more control over their privacy and the privacy improved. At the same time Facebook was aware that the company needs to do more, the risks to predict, resulting in the networking of so many people.

With the Federal office for information security (BSI) wool Facebook continue to work to make future elections more secure, said Sandberg. Facebook had already been deleted prior to the last Federal election, thousands of Accounts, which should be able to be used for the Manipulation of public opinion abused.

Facebook was slipped in the past year, especially after the data scandal Cambridge Analytica in its worst crisis. Since the US presidential elections in 2016, the Online network is also in the criticism, because it is too easy to manipulate via the platform of public opinion. Sandberg, the Online network for political issues, was itself under the Declaration of print, after it became known that Facebook had hired a PR company to put critics in a bad light.

Sandberg took advantage of the appearance, expressly the business model and the functionality of Facebook to defend the. The Facebook tools that had been in need of a few failures, were also the same, which could bring so many other Good things. “And it’s worth fighting for.” Sandberg also noted – as often before – on business opportunities for small and medium-sized companies on the Facebook platform.

The Manager, who is considered an architect of the Facebook business model and the right Hand of founder and boss Mark Zuckerberg appeared at the DLD with a lecture on the topic “What kind of Internet do we want?”. It must be an Internet in which people are free to Express, but certainly could feel, said Sandberg. After their prepared appearance, they immediately left the stage. An Interview on the stage – which, at the time, for example, a violently controversial Manager like Uber co-founder Travis Kalanick had not had it.

Sandberg is planning on your trip to Europe is also a series of Meetings with high-ranking German politicians. You Annegret in the next few days in Berlin with Federal Minister Peter Altmaier (CDU), Minister of justice Katarina Barley (SPD) and the CDU leader, Kramp-Karrenbauer speak.

in Front of sand mountain, DLD appearance announced on Facebook that the Online network will support the exploration of ethical issues around artificial intelligence, in Munich, Germany with 7.5 million dollars. The money should go to the new independent Institute for ethics in artificial intelligence, in partnership with the Technical University of Munich, over a period of five years.

The Institute was going to investigate various aspects of artificial intelligence such as Fairness, transparency, and security. The results are to be provided to society, the economy, and legislators. Of Facebook, the start-up funding, the Institute will also strive to money from other partners. Bavaria’s Minister of science Bernd Sibler, welcomed the commitment of Facebook.

The spread of learning machines and artificial intelligence raises more and more ethical questions. This includes, for example, the extent to which the prejudices of developers to be incorporated in Algorithms and you could be exacerbated. In the meantime, cases were already known, in which, for example Software for financial services or for the selection of Job-seekers single social or ethnic groups that are discriminated against.

Facebook is also at the heart of these debates, for example, with the accusation of the so-called filter bubble, the user of the Software only information served get, the enhance your view of the world. Facebook sets – just as, for example, Google – in addition to artificial intelligence, to find content that contains hate speech or terrorist propaganda and to delete.