Facebook has once again deleted several Hundred fake Accounts and pages that were linked to information from the Online network with Iran.

they were in different countries – including in Germany – active, and would have been mostly spread by Iranian state media published the information, stated Facebook Manager Nathaniel of the Same on Thursday. It was gone, for example, issues such as the conflict between Israel and the Palestinians, as well as the situation in Syria or in Yemen.

Facebook removed according to its own information 365 Facebook Accounts, 262 pages 162 Instagram Profiles. Some had already been in place since 2010. Approximately two million users had at least subscribed to one of the pages. In the case of Instagram 240 000 users had followed at least one of the Accounts in the photo service. For advertising on Facebook platforms, the operators had spent about 27 000 dollars. The Online network had already been deleted in the past year, fake Accounts and pages that were in connection with Iran.

Facebook recognize the so-called “non-authentic” Accounts and pages to the patterns of behaviour and not for content, said the Same. The Online network work also with other platforms.