Eternal enemies: Hacker Neo (Keanu Reeves) and Agent Smith (Hugo Weaving)

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It is the year 1999. The Wachowski sisters are still the Wachowski brothers, in addition to the Thriller “” have Tied up the two, no directing on the page. But then the 31. March. In the Luggage of a cryptic movie called “the Matrix”, on the Poster, four figures with paint, leather and sunglasses each other in terms of Coolness to beat.

Who was exactly 20 years ago without prior knowledge of a map for “Matrix”, has experienced a 136 minutes-lasting Wow-effect and told promptly to all his friends about the incredible experience. The result: With a Budget of 63 million dollars of the strip was almost a half a billion dollars. Here are a few of the reasons why the movie with Keanu Reeves, Laurence Fishburne, Carrie-Anne Moss and Hugo Weaving is still groundbreaking.

existentialism applies to shooting ballet

imagine life as you know it is a lie. One of the machines simulated, “ideal” world that pretends that you have a existence, while you have to serve in reality as a fuel cell until you die. The premise of “the Matrix” is still as simple as it is ingenious. You are allowed reasonable about the Story, crazy, exaggerated Action sequences, which previously had not have a cinematic eye. And had a henceforth, every Déjà vu is a glitch in the Matrix suggest…

Few works of the modern era can boast of, to have a whole film, a design Genre based. The term “Bullet Time” first appeared in the script of the first “Matrix”-part and matured in the past years, a household word in the Film and Gaming industry. The tilisierte slow-motion Action of the Sci-Fi film was copied in the subsequent period is often exceeded, you could never be – not even by its own sequels.

at All in the years that followed, many of the films from the visual style of the “Matrix” blatantly inspired. About the movie “Equilibrium” with Christian Bale and Sean Bean. Here, too, the audience got a mix of existentialist questions in an action-Packed, guns, and ballet served.

Only the Wachowskis verb all of the Andes with the fantastic, the laws of gravity-defying display values in and of the grim future dystopia outside of the “Matrix”. Seasoned with a pinch of nihilism – Science-Fiction-heart, what more do you want?

A new action star was born

“the Matrix” is not only responsible for increased sales of leather coats, he strengthened also Keanu Reeves is not a long-lasting reputation as an action hero. With the exception of the delightfully goofy “Speed”, aka “The Bus that couldn’t slow down,” he had shone more in romantic comedies or erred as a flaky Ted on the side of his buddy Bill “through time”.

When he decided in 1999, but Morpheus’ red pill, the artificial world of machines turned my back and found out “how deep the rabbit hole is enough”, this changed abruptly. Above all, the brutal One-man army by the name of “John Wick,” as Reeves rolled out soon for the third Time on the canvas, shows the impressive.

The sequels, whose names are not called will be allowed

Higher, faster, further – wirrer. The two sequels, you can from “the Matrix”. The kick-off of 2003’s “Matrix: Reloaded”, only half a year later, the conclusion of the trilogy followed by “the Matrix: Revolutions”. However, in contrast to part one, which was exactly the right amount, exaggerated, it would have Sequels with forced acting, Twists and pseudo-religious. In addition, the Visual impression that cost of increasingly the Narrative.

Who wants to rise up even today, with Neo, Trinity and Morpheus against Agent Smith, you should, accordingly, follow the white rabbit. As of 1999, countless moviegoers did.