Evelyn Burdecki is the new Queen of the jungle

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13. Season of “I’m a celebrity – Get me out of here!” is coming to an end. The viewers have Queen Evelyn Burdecki (30) to the jungle and thus the successor of last year’s winner Jenny Frank Hauser (26). Place GZSZ lands “,”Star Felix van Deventer (22), third place to secure Peter Orloff (74). But before the coronation was blasphemed once again slaved away in the Australian jungle.

Who is “Fake”? Chris Töpperwien vs. Bastian Yotta

Even after their Exodus from the Camp Chris Töpperwien (44) and Bastian Yotta (42) further stir things up. Töpperwien is Yotta, and is not tired to emphasize how glad he was to finally go. “It was the biggest mistake I could make, to tolerate me,” he says in the car in front of the RTL cameras. “If one is really fake, then Bastian Yotta”, after he puts. The not-hot times Yotta’s last name, I have no 200 employees, no sled hot, nothing. Instead, he used the reconciliation as a platform. “This Hackf+++++ I don’t want to really see”, makes it clear töpperwien.

In the Hotel, he explains to his companion: “I’m so glad to be out of this Muppet Show.” Töpperwien asked what had been sent. A last jab in the direction of Yotta, he can’t resist but: If you open the mouth, “then I worry so right here for a headline, he has not reckoned with.”

Similar is hear from Yotta to his statement: “I know many things I did not say,” he explains about Töpperwien. “Which is so fake”,” Yotta. For him it was a satisfaction that he had in front of him out. And he is sure: “Karma always wins”. As the two well-the big reunion (Wednesday, 27.1., 20:15 clock, RTL) will react?

Peter Orloff flexes its muscles

For the three finalists, three jungle exams are coming up, then. You can decide for yourself who’s running what. In these exams, you have to acquire stars for the traditional last supper. Anyone can get five stars. With three stars, the starters, main courses and desserts to be solved, as each could get a fourth star, his favorite drink, and with the fifth star is a personal Surprise.

“madness, madness! Finale! I feel strong,” said Peter Orloff on his arrival to test “STRONG”. The 74-Year-old must face up to five chambers, each to get rid with the help of a Magnet a star. In the chambers Orloff hits Skinks on two barbed tail, Beat, crocodiles, a Riesenwaran, pine cones, lizards, and other Pythons. The singer, however, by none of the animals from the rest.

He gets all five stars: This is an Appetizer for all, his favorite drink, and as an extra Goodie, a Metaxa. “Mission accomplished, Crocodile Dundee is back,” he says overjoyed. Fear he had prayed not had, prior to the test, however. “Pure madness,” he says of the task and call it in front of his Mitcampern a “total emotional testing”. As he also mentions in front of you, Crocodile Dundee, asks Evelyn Burdecki: “Who is Crocodile Dundee? This is a fairy tale?” That would find the iconic movie-crocodile hunter, certainly not very flattering…

Evelyn Burdecki, and the jungle-Goodies

Evelyn Burdecki makes the exam “FULL OF ENERGY” and get jungle Treats. Gear one Bush pig lung. 60 seconds she has time. She chews and chews, but the piece of “rubber” you can’t swallow it. Star one is lost. Response number two: lamb brain. “In 60 seconds, you can something to eat very much of the brain,” says presenter Sonja Zietlow (50). One can understand quite ambiguous. Burdecki suggests bravely, but she is haunted by the lamb brain.

the Gang of three is a live Scorpion. “If I bite it, is the dead or move?” want to know Evelyn. After a longer cooling-off period, you want to try it. Bravely she puts it in the mouth that bites, chews and swallows. She is very happy about this success and their first star.

Gang of four follows immediately: camel penis. Before that Evelyn had a particular fear, she admits: “penises are not my thing”. She plays some of the time, because the part would be like a tree. You can’t twist your ankle. You even: is Also private, you could not bend the. Confusion is spreading among the moderators Daniel hartwich (40) says: “to play Evelyn-stop with the Penis!” And Evelyn destroys the camel’s penis.

finally, is served jungle beer. But sounds delicious in a different way: It consists of pureed cockroaches, meal worms and crickets mixed with cow-urine. The foam was from fermented soybeans “conjured”. Evelyn doesn’t dither for long and crashes the Drink down. Three stars means three main meals. “I’m happy,” shrieks Evelyn and trudges bravely back to the Camp.

in Front of Peter Orloff and Felix van Deventer, the disillusionment follows, but, because the two men as neither the pig’s liver, made the Burdecki the pig lung, the lamb brain really is a tragedy…

tongue games for Felix van Deventer

As the third GZSZ”Star Felix van Deventer of the jungle test”. It bears the name “HEALTHY”. The expectant father needs to immerse the head in five boxes, and the respective star with the tongue to Unscrew. The number after 10,000 cockroaches, mud crabs, 50 Huntsman-spiders, several flies Kilos and 20 jungle pythons are waiting for him. The first four he copes with flying colors.

that is, all the gear is after a Starter and main, the Dessert for sure. His favorite drink he has solved also. But a Python is in Beißlaune. The actor breaks off and is happy about the four stars. “The main thing is that the others get something. I’m so relieved and happy,” he says, satisfied. Overall, the twelve star power in the finals in 2019.

The final Countdown

After the successful tests, followed by the great feast, the the three with relish to taste. It’s something you lose track of how often Evelyn Burdecki says: “Oh, my God!”

Then the big decision is! Peter Orloff enthuses: “I never would have thought that the jungle camp is such an experience!” The singer eventually ends up on third place. Of disappointment, no trace. “I’m totally happy,” he says to the bronze medal, and his new Status as a jungle Prince.

At the Ende choose to acknowledge the viewer Evelyn Burdecki to the jungle Queen, this Triumph with a screeching alarm and a lot of tears of joy. Felix van Deventer begrudge her the victory, but a hint of disappointment resonates nonetheless. Because if you stand there just the two of us, if you wanted to win, of course, he says. However, Evelyn gained the crown.

The newly-crowned jungle Queen is completely out of the house, thanks all, loves all, and of course the one or the other, “Oh, again, my God!” Sonja Zietlow promises at the conclusion of a reunion in 2020, with the new campers. In order to keep it within the meaning of Evelyn Burdecki: “Oh, my God!”

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