The EU Commission sees the Chinese domination in the information technology as a potential safety risk for Europe.

Ninety percent of all IT equipment would be manufactured in Asia, China controlled the bulk of the production of IT equipment necessary raw materials, said EU security Commissioner Julian King in Munich. China is investing to Kings words, is also a multiple of the in Europe, issued sums in artificial intelligence. “Such a level of dependency risks,” said the British politician at a cyber-conference in the run-up to the Munich security conference this weekend.

Also in contention for the involvement of Chinese IT equipment manufacturer Huawei in the construction of the European 5G networks hit King skeptical tones. “From my point of view, it is high time for Europe to make some decisions.” So would need to be discussed, whether it would be useful if individual European countries have left the development of the 5G network, each of the company, said the King. The safety Commissioner said Huawei in this Passage of his speech not by name, but the Chinese group is the world market leader in the network equipment. King called for a General closer European cooperation in the field of cyber security: “We need to go further and faster,” said the Briton.

The United States, Japan, Australia, new Zealand and several other countries have Huawei due to security concerns in the meantime, in whole or in part, of the security-relevant Telecom networks. The occasion: On the Basis of the Chinese intelligence service act, may be required of each citizen and every organization to disclose information. The Federal government had blocked in the last summer, already the entry of the Chinese state power grid Corporation SGCC in the German power grid.

The German cyber guardian want to publicly Express a recommendation for or against the exclusion of the Chinese Mobile equipment manufacturer Huawei from the construction of the 5G network. “This is a political decision, said Arne Schönbohm, President of the Federal office for information security (BSI) on a separate event in Munich, Germany. The task of the BSI is to ensure a secure network architecture.

The BSI wants to ensure that the technical requirements for 5G technology that a possible attack would not result in a collapse of the network: “I don’t want us to install a Single Point of Failure,” said Schönbohm. With this term system, more components or system of paths, the operation in case of failure, the System is ready. BSI and the Federal network Agency were to revise the catalogue of requirements, said Schönbohm. He wanted a unified security architecture, “so that external control can be excluded.”