The Brexit-negotiators of the EU and the UK have agreed on a Declaration on the future of relations. EU Council President Donald Tusk said in Brussels that he had sent the draft Declaration to the governments of the 27 in the EU, and remaining countries. It is according to the EU Commission “, in principle, agreed at a political level”, the state would have to – and heads of government at the Brexit special summit on Sunday to agree to.

The EU and the UK in pursuit of the Brexit “ambitious” and “deep” economic and political partnership. The Brexit-the transition phase may be extended according to the draft “one or two years”.

The British Prime Minister Theresa May had negotiated on Wednesday evening almost two hours with the President of the EU Commission Jean-Claude Juncker in Brussels. After that, she said, however, that she wanted to come on Saturday once again, to clarify last points.

the UK, the EU wants to on 29. March 2019 to leave. May had agreed last week with the EU on a nearly 600-page exit agreement. Was still subject to negotiations on the political Declaration. This should be the basis for a comprehensive partnership agreement to be negotiated in a transitional period after the Brexit.

“This is the right Deal for Britain”

May is because of the agreements with the EU in their own country. Since a majority in the British Parliament is questionable, she wanted to achieve in the political Declaration, the broadest possible assurances about the future economic partnership – to be able to exit the Treaty politically easier to sell. The EU wants but not become a back door to your internal market. In a short public opinion May had defended the Brexit policy. “This is the right Deal for Britain,” she said on Thursday in Downing Street in London. In the afternoon, you want to inform the Parliament in London about the state-of-the Brexit negotiations. You’ll have to make in the course of a day an opinion in front of the British house of Commons, said the conservative MP Andrea Leadsom.

On the EU side raised recently Spain objections with a view to future arrangements for the British overseas territory of Gibraltar and threatened with a no. Several EU States also requested assurances, including access to fishing grounds in British waters.

German Chancellor Angela Merkel had already turned himself in on Wednesday morning behind the draft of the withdrawal agreement. In the Bundestag the CDU leader regretted again the Brexit-the decision of the British 2016 and recognized Mays in precarious Position: “We know how difficult the discussion in the UK.”

60 billion Euro is owed to the UK EU

Each member of the EU, for years in advance, payment obligations with the Union. If the UK leaves the EU, it needs to be clarified what happens with its obligations. It is, among other things, pensions for EU officials, said contributions for funding programmes and the liability for the joint debts.

An example: The structure of a Region poor in the North of England can not be expected that the EU transfers money, in the UK, but nothing more pays into the EU pot. So you can see it, at least in Brussels. The experts of the EU at € 60 billion, the UK in the EU after exit still owes. The British foreign Secretary, Boris Johnson has announced opposition to the EU-requirement: He does not want to settle the sum.

17.105 EU regulations need to be converted into UK law

The trade within the EU is governed, among other things, by means of regulations. The Dilemma for the British: The largest part of this legislation, namely, exactly 17.105 EU regulations, according to the Brexit in the UK, no longer valid. The UK must check and by national law to replace it.

The British Parliament is working to slow, for it to be adopted in the year, usually only 60 to 100 laws. So the British government needs to adopt the new regulations in the fast-track procedure. This is no easy undertaking: London puts it currently in the year to an average of 2,000 regulations. Even if, in the future, twice as many should be implemented, will take the process for many years.

43 free-trade agreements must be renegotiated

The EU has finalised a total of 43 free trade agreements. Want to keep the British, the advantages that result from, and choose a hard-Brexit – the exit from the single market and the customs Union you have to negotiate all of the 43 new. The only way the British can make sure that you enjoy world at least the same benefits as an EU member. The Union has concluded with nearly all European countries outside the EU, almost all the Mediterranean countries and important trading partners such as South Korea and Mexico, extensive contracts. An agreement with Canada is just legally.

All of this has taken years. Therefore, the British trade Minister, Liam Fox, wants to take on the favourite with the EU agreements, and that the only reference to the EU. If this does not work, it falls back on the rules of the world trade organization (WTO). This means, in short, that the trade between the UK and the EU, as well as the trade of great Britain with the other States is subject to duties. A special treatment for individual countries is not allowed.

13,608 a variety of bread, biscuits and sweets could be bezollt

some great Britain with the European Union on a new free trade agreement, the rules of the world trade organization. The result is that For each product category, tariffs would need to be collected. An example: Alone for bread, biscuits and sweets, there is, according to the British business Association CBI 13,608 a different categories. Each product must eggngestuft and with the appropriate customs. Chocolate is a duty of 38 per cent is levied on salmon 13 percent, the industry brakes in the automotive four percent. Whisky customs would be free.

31.000 EU scientists fear for your Job

Still is not regulated, what rights EU citizens have in the UK. At universities in the UK of 31,000 academics from other EU countries to work. According to the British Ministry of education EU citizens make up 23 percent of the graduates in the subjects of biology, mathematics, and physics, 14 percent in medicine, 18 percent in Engineering. Who earns more than 30,000 pounds a year (about 35,000 euros), in the UK as a specialist easily a visa. About 26 percent of the EU academics, but earn less. Anyone who has lived five years in the country, can apply for a residence permission. Many, however, are not long enough in the country.

1.236 pounds, a British passport

Who to go to, applied for the EU citizens in the UK as quickly as possible to a British passport. The cost of 1.236 pounds and guarantee that you can live in the country and work whenever you want. The precursor of the residence permit (permanent residence). The forfeit, however, if you citizens of the UK to leave the EU-more than two years. In the UK, 3.3 million EU citizens live according to the Office for National Statistics, of which 297.000 German and 883.000 Poland. In the EU, by contrast, 1.2 million Britons live in Germany alone, to 103,000. The UK and the EU want to secure the Status of these citizens, when among other things is clarified, such as the cost of the respective health systems are charged.

the price is 177.000 truck hit a month, with the Irish border

Britain says it wants to control its borders. Therefore, the Brexit, that is why Theresa May wants to leave the customs Union. But what happens with the green border with the Republic of Ireland? You will no longer be controlled, there it is in the border land between the Netherlands and Germany. Every month the price is 177.000 trucks drive on the non-visible border, about 208,000 vans and 1.85 million cars.

Still, the British government has no idea of how the Problem should be solved. Immigrants and goods would have to actually be in the future, controls between Northern Ireland and the Republic of Ireland. But border controls are not allowed to build the United Kingdom to the Republic of Ireland. The 1998 peace Treaty for Ireland, the so-called Good Friday Agreement, specifies that it may enter between the two Parts of the island no border controls.

5.500-financial companies on the EU “Passporting”

Not a financial business in the EU without a passport porting. dependent So far, the so-called passporting allows financial are able to offer providers from London, your products and services on the continent. 5,500 companies use for business in the EU. With the Brexit, the would not be possible. The other way around 8.800 EU can no longer operate-company financial transactions in the UK so simple. Theoretically, there is a way out: the UK should comply with the same regulations as the EU. The British don’t want but. No one in the City, the Bank district of London, to know whether the British government will negotiate with the European Union, a replacement scheme. Most companies wait for, some financial institutions are looking for but locations in the EU.

1.661.191 Scots are quite disappointed

More than 1.6 million Scots voted in the European Union. The were 62 percent of the votes cast in Scotland. For months, the Scottish resistance against the Brexit grows. The Scots benefit from the EU, historically, have closer contact with the continent, and suffering increasingly under the domination of London. Would you like a special rule that allows it to remain independent of the United Kingdom in the European economic area. But that is not going to work, the EU says. First of all, Scotland would have to leave the UK, the EU, and then a request for inclusion in the EU. Although Nicola Sturgeon has put a second referendum on Scottish independence. But that’s not allowed by the British government for the time being.