Julius Wake-up calls, as Hans-Peter in “The Boy must success to fresh air -”

©Warner Bros Pictures Germany

Hape Kerkeling (54) landed in the autumn of 2014 with his autobiographical novel, “The Boy needs fresh air”. Now – on Christmas day – the film adaptation to the cinema. And, as the book of the strip, in the kerkeling Childhood, for great emotions.


The small, Hans-Peter (Julius Wake-up calls) grows at the beginning of the 70s in the Ruhr area. The slightly chubby Boy lives in the midst of cheerful and party-goers Relatives and shows early that he is a great Talent to make others Laugh. In the small Shop of his grandma, he imitates the customers and also at home he his ideas to the Best – inspired and supported by his second grandmother, who recognizes early on that Hans-Peter has a special skill.

Soon, the nine-year-old has to use his skills to get his mother (Luise Heyer) from her deep, emotional hole. After surgery, you will lose your sense of taste and smell, and slips into a Depression. For hours she sits on a chair and stares out of the window…


Very close to the original book, the Film remains in his saddest Moment, and the suicide of Hans-Peter’s mother. That evening his mother was compensated for, “almost cheerful”, portrays Kerkeling in the book. Her last words to her son were: “I lay me down to sleep now, Hans-Peter. It’s summer, of course, still holiday and that’s why you can watch television today, as long as you want.” By the end, he was not gone then, as usual, in his room, “but I want to set me up exceptionally quietly to mom to bed. Something tells me that I should do this”.

So moving, as Kerkeling describes in the book, the fate and the illness of his mother, Director Caroline Link (54, “Beyond silence”) the story for the screen. “The Boy needs fresh air” is a Film both Laugh as well as cry – and both at the same time. A great acting Ensemble, starting with the young Julius Wake-up calls coming, to Stars such as Ursula Werner, Joachim Król, Rudolf Kowalski, Elena Uhlig, or Diana Amft. Don’t forget your Kleenex!