In the aftermath of the great mobilization of the “yellow vests”, which was attended by nearly 290 000 people against the rise in taxes on fuel, the Prime minister has expressed on the motion of grumbling on Sunday evening on France 2, while blocks and filter blocks are ongoing in several regions.

The government “understood” the anger of the protesters against “the ras-le-bol fiscal”, but does not change its objective. “The course we have set, we are going to hold on to it. This is not when it blows that it is necessary to change course,” replied Edouard Philippe for the protesters. “The carbon tax will be maintained. The trajectory of carbon that we have set, we are going to stick, not for the pleasure of annoying the French, to use a polite word. We want that the tax weighs more on the carbon than on the job.”

“We’re trying to answer”

The tax is too heavy ? “We try to respond to this problem,” he says. “It is for this reason that Emmanuel Macron presented to the presidential, that he has set a cap. The ras-le-bol fiscal, for example. One of the commitments is that the level of fees decreases at the end of the quinquennium.” He notes that “it has been 40 years that the income tax increase,” and that, despite everything, “it has exploded the debt”.

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The Prime minister continued : “looking At what was happening yesterday, I was struck by several things. First, the unprecedented character of these events. A lot of people were demonstrating for the first time, no leader is required. And because we have understood anger, but also of suffering, the absence of perspective, the idea that the public authorities do not respond to the concerns, and the feeling of decommissioning, abandonment, feels that a part of the population. I’ve heard it.”

“France, this is not anarchy”

But he also blasted the “indecency” of the “political parties who wanted to use the death drama of this female protester at the Savoy [and] have engaged in conduct that is indecent”. On the behavior of some of the demonstrators: “The French, it is the freedom of expression, freedom of demonstration, but this is not anarchy. And we saw scenes that fell into anarchy, even if I do not put everyone in the same bag,” he declared.

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How to respond, then ? “I don’t believe that ask the yellow vests, this is a great conference with the political leaders and unions”, sweeps finally Edouard Philippe. “It is at the end of the quinquennium, that we will see if the commitments that we have taken will have been held and have produced results. They are expected to produce.”

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This Sunday, the mobilization was lower, but many of the filter blocks or blockages were reported, such as in Montélimar, Chalon-sur-Saône, at le Mans and elsewhere in the West, in New-Aquitaine or Vaucluse or Var. In Caen, the gendarmes intervened in the afternoon to disperse a thousand yellow vests on a heat exchanger to the south of the city. On about 150 sites, the protesters had called to renew the movement, according to the Interior. Unlike Saturday, Beauvau did not release a figure on the number of demonstrators, estimated at approximately 40 000 according to several media outlets.