Milos Vukovic back in the Schiller Avenue

©TVNOW / Daniela Klier

Long as it does not keep an actor Milos Vukovic (37) away from the “Among us”Sets. After the episode preview hinted at for a result 6.082 the return of his role of Paco Weigel, has announced the reunion is now officially of broadcaster RTL. Accordingly, he was celebrating the Comeback even a little earlier than expected – already on 2. April (a result of 6.080) he will pitch again in the Schiller Avenue.

Four months was the break from Vukovic. In the series, his absence was explained with a trip around the world, on which his figure came to pass after the death of his wife Elli. Paco had become at this time, “a piece of adult”, is included in the actor, the Fans of “Among us”, that you are allowed to adjust to a “new Paco” – new Style.

Idly, the 37-Year-old was not in his time-out. He turned around for “Friends – right Now!” and was also the boat driver’s license with his “Among us”-colleagues, Benjamin Henry (34) in Greece. In the meantime, he was overjoyed to be with all the other series-Stars in front of the camera together again.