At the Ifa in Berlin the new Top model: The Dyson V10 absolutepro. Even more suction power, the English vacuum cleaner promises to be revolutionary. Up to one hour of the V10, thanks to the Nickel-Cobalt-aluminum battery should make it through and no longer wants to be only the second vacuum cleaner in the household, but all of the other model replace the cable. This also has its price, however. The new Dyson model costs proud 619 Euro the value of a one-week All-inclusive holiday in Mallorca. Conventional vacuum cleaner models with cable are going to have one-sixth of the price. The purchase of the expensive Dyson worth it?

For my 90 sq. MT apartment, I have not ordered the V10 absolutepro, but the smaller model V10 absolute. The not has the latest top motor, but should be sufficient for my needs. Advantage: The smaller model is now even cheaper at Amazon, the V10 absolute is offered for just 560 Euro and 60 Euro cheaper than the Top model. Up on the slightly lower engine output, the two vacuum cleaners are the same, in everyday life is likely to make, however, is hardly noticeable.

The Dyson V10 absolute promises to the end of the cable teat

so Far, I’ve been using a conventional Bosch-floor vacuum cleaner with bag and cable sucked. The big disadvantage: Since I have an apartment over two floors, was Sucking with cable mostly awkward. Without at least once umzustöpseln, I could not suck the whole apartment. In addition, the cable got caught under doors or on the stairs edge!!!!! Also the smell of the vacuum cleaner, despite hygiene filter and frequent bag change – I felt as unpleasant. Problems, which promises to solve the Dyson V10.

Because, like all vacuum cleaner models, the Dyson V10 is Bagless. Dust and crumbs are collected in a container, and directly by pressing a button in the trash disposed of. But this is even sanitary? Is a bag, in which everything collects and is then thrown away, not practical? The elimination of the annoying cable, it should also allow to suck the whole apartment in one go. The values given Battery? And can be supplied in suction rolls with high-pile carpets ready? To clarify the Test.


The Dyson V10 and its wide range of accessories. The cable is missing – and that is a good thing. unpacking

The V10 is delivered with an extensive range of accessories. During the unpacking of the many parts, I was overwhelmed at first: electric brush with a Soft roller, electric brush with Direct drive, Mini-electric brush, combination accessory nozzle, crevice nozzle, Extra-soft brush, wall bracket with charging function, charging cable, and a thick user manual – uff! I want to suck only. However, the parts can be intuitively put together and work quality. Only the combination accessory nozzle, my life wants to make it easier, I do not know until today. Since the battery is pre-charging, at least up to a certain percentage, you can start the same.


With a finger pressure on the red button it goes off. Its difference to conventional cleaners, the Dyson V10 power with his noise. Instead of rich hum a rather high-pitched nozzle noise is heard – this is due to the cyclone motor. I find the sound as pleasant, especially if to listen to when you Stop the Turbine, briefly, a “Klong” is. Suck for techies.

Also, the soft roll, which I use for my parquet floor. Crumbs and dust, it is not only by suction force to the body. As the drum rotates, a mechanical cleaning of the floor. The roll is not failed, even at the corners and edges. Everything is good and clean. For the hardness test on the high-pile carpet, the conventional roller must then answer it. Although the pile gets caught in the roller and stops it, Suck it good. By normal on and slide the roller is released again and again and edited the carpet thoroughly. On the Sofa, the advantages of the Mini-electric roller. With the same principle of mechanical – and suction cleaning, it easily removes chip scraps and dust.


On the parquet and the soft roll of the Dyson V10.

After 20 minutes in continuous use, the main drawback of the hand-held vacuum cleaner is, however, clear: He is nearly 2.7 kilograms, quite heavy in the Hand, which is different than in the case of floor vacuum cleaners in the Motor directly to the Hand. After the first Suck, I even had a small bubble at the bottom of the thumb. The best way to prevent this, by includes the device with the other Hand on the tube. During continuous suction operation, it can not nervous, moreover, that the red suction button clicks and constantly pushed must be kept. A further disadvantage is that the accessories are not accommodated because of the small size of the V10 in a compartment. You have to haul it constantly.

battery performance

The V10 has three suction levels. In the Position Max of the Absloute creates any dirt and even exceeds the performance of conventional floor vacuum cleaner with cable. Disadvantage: In this Position, the battery lasts a maximum of 20 minutes. But also in the normal level of the V10 will not be disappointed. My apartment, for which I normally need 30 to 40 minutes, could I have weakened in a slip by the eyes, without the battery. The manufacturer even promises a Battery life of 60 minutes.


The dust is sucked into a plastic container. The cleaning is easily. the dust container clean

The Cleaning of the dust container works amazingly effortless. With a push of a button, the container is solved, another opens. Who likes it particularly hygienic, can take the Dyson to the trash can, and dust and Dirt directly dispose of it. Also, the Rinse of the individual parts – as recommended by Dyson once a month – works fine. And above all: nothing stinks!


Dyson keeps its word: The V10 replaced a device with a cable fully. My old floor vacuum cleaner I can sell confidently on Ebay. Alleged weaknesses in the case of high-pile carpets or the battery of the Absolute does not. It is questionable, however, how the battery performance developed over the years. Also the cleaning of the bag-less device is more hygienic and easier than I thought. The V10 looks satisfying and beautiful, and impresses with its powerful nozzle noise. Small weaknesses of the V10 in the hand. I don’t want to miss the cable loose dust eye. Only the initial purchase price is steep. Who wants to effective to Suck and to accept a weaker battery performance, for less money a good device.