Evelyn is alone gone to the bathroom? Doreen Dietel takes the blonde to his chest and later has to. the Camp


Also, if on Wednesday, a total of 200 exit A result of the “I’m a celebrity – Get me out of here!” aired, so it was for Doreen Dietel (44, “Dahoam is Dahoam”), the 13 the unlucky number. Because while Ex-Camper, Thorsten “DJ Kasalla” Legat (50) with the moderators Sonja Zietlow (50) and Daniel Hartwich (40) is made a Party, had to leave the actress on the thirteenth day, the jungle camp. Previously, she was allowed to witness but, as Bastian Yotta (42) and Evelyn Burdecki (30) failed in the jungle test cracking.

Two strategists among themselves

Who would have thought of that: After the great reconciliation of the Camp-brawlers Yotta and Chris Töpperwien (44) the two sat down together around the camp fire and los chatted in a relaxed mood. The topic of their TV careers, and the jungle crown. “I love television, too. Is Horny”, said muscle man Yotta and said that he would like to occur more often in German TV, when it would arise. He is currently singer Peter Orloff (74) “strong favourite”. For Chris, he is, however, “the fourth maybe if he would come this far.” The Fans of Peter are too old and the time of the allnächtlichen broadcasting in Germany is probably already in bed?

While both were at the campfire still agree that the Finale was funny, in which the two compete against Evelyn, saw it behind closed doors, but something different. In the Interview, Chris even told for sure that he saw Evelyn, Felix van Deventer (22) to rank two, and even clearly as the winner. The Format of the “I’m a celebrity – Get me out of here!” was “unpredictable” and he had “no competition”.

Not only here, but also at other Points indicated during the follow-up again and again, that between Yotta and Chris but I guess not peace, joy and egg cakes. What Happened between the two was not forgotten, said Chris, while Yotta missed the fact that the curry sausage man have, allegedly, not a sausage Empire in Los Angeles: “The Only thing Chris has is his TV career.”

Yotta and Evelyn failure in the “creep of the stars”

Ten minutes Evelyn, and Yotta had time to earn a total of seven possible stars in the today’s jungle test. He was locked in a chamber and had to wait until Evelyn freed him from it. This had to fight through a tunnel system full of water and creatures – and five keys to Yotta, which is also with animal-filled Closet. On the way back, the two should collect as many stars.

Despite all of the good popularity of the übermotivierten audit partner, it took about seven and a half minutes, until Evelyn had found all the keys and Bastian freed. “Yes, we need to give Gas,” he noted, quite correctly, but then lost momentarily in the orientation – as well as Evelyn before. While Yotta was trying and finally one of the stars with a out of his chamber, and brought along an Allen key to Unscrew, but the remaining seconds ticked down completely, before the two were able to earn only one star. “Shit,” commented Yotta correctly, he and Evelyn had been happy before the test, but even so. True, she had referred to him the task as a “Superman”, but really the idea of the two was not.

In the case of the two prevailed, but in spite of the vergeigten examination harmony, at least superficially. Because in the back way Yotta wondered how hard it is for Evelyn as could be, to concentrate. “Now stop with the Show and focus on the jungle test,” he said in an Interview. She believed, according to his own statement, meanwhile, that he was not really angry: “It’s all okay, because trust I have now in the Basti.”

The Currywust-Inquisition

Least of all a that you may, in your opinion, to trust, because the entire Camp has conspired with the quasi against you. After the campers due to numerous rule violations before her luxury items had been taken, they were all sure that Evelyn was a nasty repeat offender. While Yotta was crying that he wanted back his pet, and wondered why Evelyn was so long in the Interview with the station. The Mitcamper were annoyed – especially after you noted that the former “Bachelor”contestant was alone, went to the bathroom. Another rule violation!

“I don’t know what’s so fucking hard to understand. I told her three Times already,” suggested Sandra. “Now, listen to the Motzerei on and smack her in the face,” joked Chris. As Evelyn finally came up with a “What’s going on?” back to the Camp, looked at the round angry. And as you want to defend, blared Doreen: “You were already on the toilet, stop with the shit.”

After Chris was elected Captain of the team, showed he almost makes you drunk. He drove Sandra over the mouth and began shortly thereafter, with a veritable Inquisition. “We are not only the harmony Camp”, etched against Evelyn and told her in front of everybody their Offense. Like a little school child, he was forced to the intimidated-looking Evelyn all Camp-rules of reading – and of this part will also repeat. The only thing missing, that he ordered her to the silent tree stump.

however, It seems as if somehow everything is okay between Yotta and Evelyn, because at least in the interview with RTL, he was upset about the tone of the current team leader and seemed to be most likely on your side. In addition, he made at the camp fire, about Chris’ “discipline and order” is ridiculous. Whether or not this happened now but his sympathy for Evelyn, or from his dislike of Chris, is currently not so clear. At least not have to get upset Doreen is now about Evelyn’s rule violations, the actress was chosen at the end of the episode out.

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