Vanessa may and Moses Pelham in the Eon-Plus-Event in Munich

©star press for Eon

occurs with a rarity value: Schlager-Princess Vanessa may (26, “rainbow”) and Rap Star Moses Pelham (47, “If this is love”) have performed in a Eon-Plus-Event in Munich on Thursday Pelhams Song “My home”. The two were together for the first time on the stage. With this Gig, the very different artists demonstrated impressively how the boundaries of musical Genres broken.

While Vanessa may is one of the most successful pop singers in Germany, and with their latest Album “Schlager” is number 1 in the German album charts, was able to conquer, Moses Pelham, a veteran of the German Hip-Hop scene and also as a successful producer.

“It’s been a honor”

“pop is not really my music,” Pelham in the Interview. “But we don’t play together hit, but as a woman sings who sings otherwise hit, but she sings with me, no hit,” he says of the project. The first contact with may, Pelham had, however, already in 2017, as you snatch him to the top of the charts in front of the nose, as he explains, laughing.

With the selected Song “My home” Vanessa may “very happy”, as she says in the Interview. And Pelham confirmed: “The Song is your super”. Also may be referred to the cooperation of the “mega”. The two artists had taken to greeting immediately in the Arm, “there, you will feel just totally comfortable,” she recalls. It was as a matter of course, “the music, just stand up and have fun”. “It is an honor that I am allowed on stage with him to share, and that we combine to us,” she says.

About the “exciting symbiosis of the two different styles of pop and Rap,” said Eon CEO Wolfgang Noetel. Thus, the energy-group transfer “the thoughts of the Bündelns of energy contracts with a in the industry so far, a unique music Event”. And with a wink, “happy” and they were surprised that “boring of energy” so attractive.