documentary filmmaker are, in fact, by Definition, an observer. Hold on, what happened, and not even this iron law applies primarily for the wildlife videographer. But they’re not monsters. A British TV Team has broken in a use in the Antarctic with the rule, and now any amount of sympathy.

The Crew was filming for the new series of “Dynasties”, which is broadcast by the BBC. It belongs to the series of the well-known wildlife filmmaker Sir David Attenborough and enjoys in the UK cult status. The Team accompanied a group of Emperor penguins, through the icy Winter in the Antarctic. After a storm, the three-man Crew discovered some mother animals and their Young, which were in a Eiskuhle trapped and not able to free. Some of the animals had their babies even in the stitch in order to save themselves.

Then the film makers decided, in exceptional cases, even to intervene in nature and to build the penguins a ramp on the back on flat ground. The animals were also back to their group, because at minus 60 degrees Celsius to Survive is also in the animal Kingdom only possible together.

BBC animal documentary “Dynasties”: enthusiasm and tears of the audience at the

On Twitter, the User enthusiastic during the broadcast of the episode, not only for the cute animals, but also for the BBC Team. Like every Time in the legendary animal documentaries of the transmitter, million sat this time in front of their TVs. The helpfulness of the filmmakers attracted much praise – most of the Twitterers would have done the same.

All the spectators were fascinated by the life of the penguins, the battles in the icy Antarctic to Survive. Twitterers report that they have to cry in front of the TV started to or your mother have the screen yelled at.

For most viewers, one thing was clear: If an animal is in Distress, you help. The man claims the animals enough, argued on Twitter, somebody very pragmatic. The Film Crew consisting of Director Wants to Lawson, cinematographer Lindsay McCrae and camera assistant Stefan Christmann, but was in a fundamental conflict. Contrary to the code of your profession, you still decide to, in the course of nature to intervene. “We knew that we were the only ones out there. There is no other animal that can could benefit from the death of the penguins,” said Lawson of the “Times”.

sources: The Times / BBC