Since the first iPod and the white headphones are Apple’s trademark. And also the iPhone, many take advantage of the supplied In-Ear headphones – although there are already for little money with a better sound. The white pegs have some hidden functions. We reveal how to get the most out of them.

That the box is not on the right cable just for decoration, know the most. There is a microphone inserted, namely velvet volume rocker. The headset also makes it hands – free system and music remote. You press on the area in the middle, depending on the Situation, calls and hangs up, or starts and stops a Song. The volume rocker is self-explanatory – The Plus Symbol is turning down the volume, the Minus. So far, so simple.

Apple operating system: iOS 12: the ten hidden Features you should know about Fullscreen

Siri thinks

With iOS 12 Siri learns how to properly – and helps across the System with useful suggestions. A practical example: you have missed a call and not respond, suggests Siri is now equal to the Homescreen before the recall.

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Because the little remote control that hides a lot of additional functions. You discovered-but only if you press the start buttons several times, or longer – or in a completely different context.

Ten headphone Tricks for the iPhone Song skipping: you Want to switch to the next Song, press the button twice quickly. the Song: With a three-fold, a quick click it goes back a Song. the fast forward: you don’t Like a point in the Song, is stuck in fast forward. For this purpose, you must also hold twice the center button tap the second Time, but pressed. the rewind: it goes Back the same way, however, will only be held on the third Press. the music for call on hold: Ringing when listening to music the phone, submit button, a single pressure on the Central to switch to the call. Will be launched as always with the middle button, the music goes in the same place. the reject: If you are not in the mood for the next call, you simply press the center button twice quickly, the rejects the call. the Voicemail: if you Want to send the caller prefer to use the Mailbox, you have to hold down until it beeps twice. the Second caller: another call comes in When in the middle of the conversation, changes to a pressure on the Central button of the new call. You press button two seconds, the agent ends the current call. the remote shutter The iPhone can also: open camera App there is a button on the Plus or the Minus Button enough to trigger. Very handy for Selfies. the Siri at the push of a button: you can Also use Apple’s voice assistant can be controlled via the Headset use: on the home screen or the lock screen long press the Central button, Siri hears the word. If you want to stop, another short pressure.