DNDi commenced discussions with world leaders on delivering affordable healthcare. DNDi and world governments want to ease the cost of healthcare by promoting healthcare innovation.


DNDi led international organizations and leaders into discussions on how to promote innovations in health and enable them to find their own new treatments to infectious diseases in the world.


DNDi disclosed to the world leaders that their 15 years of research and development for drugs and new treatments have proven that there is capacity that if developed will fill the gap of affordable treatments by offering effective new treatments drugs and regimens.


“In its first 15 years, the Drugs for Neglected Diseases initiative (DNDi) has proven that not -for-profit research and development ( R & D ) can deliver effective and affordable treatments to fill the gap of the drug development pipeline for neglected diseases, an area that was suffering from a deadly lack of attention when the organization was created in 2003, ” stated DNDi.


DNDi is on a mission to promote the reduction of the cost of treatments around the world through promotion health innovations to make cost of treatment affordable for all the public members.


DNDi brought to the attention of the world leaders of the present day challenges faced by organizations in drug research including being few and needing the governments to create an enabling environment for their success in the future and promote also the success of universal health coverage.


The World Health Organization is already helping in straightening the paths of these organizations by bringing world leaders together to discuss how to mitigate these challenges with the aim of the introduction of new treatments with a keener goal to promote the success of universal health coverage.


The World Health summit 2019 provides an opportunity to reflect on 15 years of the DNDi experience to reinvigorate R & D for neglected indications – and draw lessons learned from this important endeavor to leverage public, private and academic research and development worldwide to introduce new treatments and advance universal health coverage,” said Ilona Kickbusch reported by DNDi.


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