The Facebook data scandal, the fear of job loss as a result of artificial intelligence, or agitation and Propaganda on the net: The impact of digitalization are one of the things that make people increasingly fear.

On the innovation conference DLD in Munich have been looking for entrepreneurs, experts and scholars on the weekend, to find a new confidence in the future. “We know that we need to be better,” he said on Sunday Facebook CEO Sheryl Sandberg in Munich.

in Germany Alone, only 26 percent of people believe that new technologies will improve in the future, says the latest study by the communications Agency nobleman, which was presented in Munich in extracts.

the Motto of the worldwide recognition of the DLD-conference in 2019, Optimism and Courage “or” Confidence and courage””. However, many of the Speakers brought especially for Europe, bad news. According to the study, almost 60 percent of workers do not feel well enough trained, 55 percent fear that their job will disappear due to automation.

And the fear seems in many areas is not unfounded. Many workers must Post Deutsche-in-chief Frank Appel, according to the fact that their Jobs could be taken over in the foreseeable future machines. “You are young, regardless of what profession you choose, there is no guarantee that he will exist in 10 to 15 years,” said Appel on the DLD. “It is definitely possible that you can remain for 50 years in a company in the same Job.” Especially systems based on artificial intelligence can replace humans in more and more Professions. A way out is life-long Learning – must be the education system is fundamentally transformed.

This is one of the leading experts for artificial intelligence as well. “But there are also many reasons for hope,” said the AI researchers Kai-Fu Lee on Sunday. The spread of artificial intelligence in the world of work will impact all of your many Jobs to spare. In the next 15 years, although many jobs would be eliminated, but artificial intelligence is not good in creative, strategic tasks, planning, or dealing with uncertainty required, stressed Lee. It was more of a tool to solve data-based tasks in a clearly defined area.

“If you are creative and build something New – these Jobs are not sure, artificial intelligence may.” Sure also jobs in which relationships between people were at the focal point. Teachers, nurses, geriatric nurses, Doctors, or guide – in the case of such Jobs, there will be even growth. “Because artificial intelligence can’t pretend to be trust, empathy, and compassion in interpersonal relationships.” In addition, in the KI would be incurred environment, but also new jobs. For these reasons, he did not see any danger of mass unemployment – and I think it is always in the conversation brought a guaranteed minimum income for a “terrible idea”.

However, the struggle for technological leadership will not be decided in Europe. Overall, Lee China and the United States in a head-to-head race for the lead role in artificial intelligence. He firmly believe that Chinese companies, which now dominate in the home market, will bring their technologies to an international market, said the 57-Year-old, who had worked for Apple, Microsoft and Google and now as an Investor is active. The danger for Europe is that of the predominance of two such great players, “no Bronze medal”.

The education and training systems in Europe, see also other experts as a vulnerability. The European countries, from the perspective of Italy’s former digitization Diego Piacentini officer urgently invest in schools and universities, in order to make the technological change, said the former Amazon Manager from the media group Burda conference. Overall, Europe needs to think forward, instead of copying the USA, said Piacentini. “Let us not be the Google of Europe or the Google from Germany to build, but the future is to invent it.”