Ten years of normal operation of dishwashers simulated by the tester in your test period. As long as a dishwasher is supposed to keep, you should think about. Even if it is not the most expensive model. But the test result says something different: From each of the eleven types of three specimens were sent to the Test – in the case of almost all the models in one of the three dishwashers in the test operation.

In the year 2017, have been tested models with the energy label A+++. Now the machines with the classification of A+ are next. They consume more electricity and water, have no automatic program that detects the degree of pollution, and are much louder. The white of the customer at the time of purchase. But above all, these machines are no good. A “Satisfactory” came out of no device, half had only a “Sufficient”.

dishwasher from Miele quickly fell out of

quality Miele brand, a special debacle is: The tested device (Miele G 4623SCVi Active) was the most expensive device in the field of the candidate. It will cost 780 Euro. Miele promises that these machines are designed for 20 years operation duration of operation. But a copy of the three test devices gave up after five washing cycles the spirit. In real life the customers had here in luck: The Miele was so quickly broken, the warranty would still be used.

dishwashers-Tabs: the products have performed in the Test Fullscreen

Worst discount product: “Shine All-in-One” net

quality judgment: Poor / 5,1

price per Tab: 7 cents

The chains most cheap Multitabs – from discount or trade – fared in the Test of the Foundation. Inglorious exception: The product “Shine All-in-One” net. It costs just as little as the test winner, cuts, despite good environmental feature in the Test but in the worst. “Shine cleans poorly, leaves ugly coverings, blighted Cutlery,” was the damning verdict. The glasses were in the duration of the test milky before lime and silver Cutlery was attacked so strong that the spoons were ruined.

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The other devices went on strike, however, after the end of the warranty. Given the new price and the alleged repair, the economic total damage costs. The biggest disappointment was the Amica type EGSP 14970 V. it will cost only 370 Euro, but two of the three devices during the test, the kitchen under water.

The quality is not right since it is definitely. In addition, devices with a bad energy classification A+ wasteful with electricity and water bypass. To calculate the operating cost, transform, the alleged cheap in a Euro tomb.

more fuel-Efficient dishwashers on the duration of cheaper

the Council of The tester is clear: it is Better to take a machine from the Test of the previous year, a classification, A+++. There are several devices with the touch of cut “Good” that costs less than 600 Euro. They are better and more economical devices than the best machines in the current Test. The best appliances from Bosch (SMV45IX01E – 705 Euro, Note 2.6), and of CHL (DIN28410 – 400 Euro, Note 2,7) placed. However, the judgment of the test Director, Dr. Holger Brackmann is clear: The consumption of resources is so high, “so that I don’t want to recommend the two dishwashers that are very good through the duration of the test.” Such a bad testimony to assign the tester rare.

The poor performance is particularly surprising, because dishwashers due to its design, very much a smaller burden to bear than, for example, washing machines. But it seems that dishwashers are not only fail in the laboratory. From reader feedback, the Foundation has already know before the exam that the customer experience in the case of dishwashers more problems than with other household appliances. In the previous year, not a 10-years was performed-duration of the test. A good score in the old Test tells us so little about the stability of the devices. Until next year, there will be a duration test with A+++ dishwashers.

all The Test you can read for a fee here.

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dishwasher in the Test were: It must not always Miele

How good are dishes to clean dishwashers? Stiftung Warentest has tested 12. Clean it all make – also, only half of the cost.

By Malte Mansholt