schools in Germany, each can have up to 25,000 euros for Laptops and Tablets. According to a draft management agreement for the planned digital Pact of the Federation and the länder, the “Handelsblatt” and the German press Agency. The devices should be bound to the respective schools.

a Total of wants to make the Federal government over five years to five billion euros for the planned digitization of the schools in Germany. The draft shows the Reports that the countries will undertake a minimum of ten percent equity share zuzuschießen.

however, according to “Handelsblatt”, who is financing the connection of schools to the Internet. Now, to be clear: you should be paid from the funds of the Federal Ministry of transport. The newspaper reported, citing government circles.

basic law needs to be changed

The digital Pact be on 6. December be signed. There is one hurdle but still: the Bundestag and the Bundesrat must make way for the planned multi-billion Euro funding with a fundamental change in the law.

So the Federal government can support the schools across the Board, want to abolish the Union and the SPD in the Federal government, the current ban on Cooperation in the formation. Education and school fall within the sole competence of the länder. The corresponding draft law has been approved by the Federal government in may.

Currently, the coalition negotiated with the Greens and the FDP. As for the amendment of the basic law by a two-thirds majority in the Parliament and in the Bundesrat is necessary. As it was known in negotiating circles, is due to be signed the Federal-Länder-agreement against this Background, first on a temporary basis. For the decision of the amendment of the basic law in the Bundesrat is a meeting on the 14th. December in question.

“All waiting for that next”

Federal Minister of education, Anja Karliczek (CDU), called on the FDP and the greens on Thursday, the amendment of the basic law to agree. “If you accuse us of always, that the digitization takes too long, now you have the Chance,” she said. “Teachers, parents, children – all are waiting for it.”

the FDP and the greens had warned in recent days that the Federal government should not only invest in technology, but must also invest “in the heads” – in other words, a better personnel situation at the schools.