Deutsche Post sells her as a WhatsApp competitor launched Messenger service SIMSme. Buyer, the company Brabbler, which already operates the encrypted communication platform Ginlo.

On the purchase price the company made on Wednesday. For the users nothing would change.

SIMSme came on the market in 2014. The Post was advertised, among other things, with the end-to-end encryption and that the data will be stored exclusively on servers in Germany. In the consumer market, SIMSme is also playing after a General overhaul in the past year, hardly a role, in the enterprise version there is the Post, according to growth.

The Brabbler AG had been formed in 2015, among other things, of the GMX-founders, Karsten Schramm, Eric Dolatre and Peter Köhnkow. As part of the deal, the Post is increasing with ten percent of the company.