Denis (Emilio Sakraya), Raimund (Heiner Lauterbach, center) and Charlotte (Sonja Gerhardt), fits in a remote Villa in the snow

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This movie to the weather! In the German-Austrian Comedy “Cold feet” to fight the actor Sonja Gerhardt (29), Heiner Lauterbach (65) and Emilio Sakraya (22) through the adversities of their involuntary and gangsters threatened residential community in a tremendous snow masses, largely from the outside world cut off Villa. The Mix of crooks, Slapstick and Screwball-Comedy comes from Director Wolfgang Groos (“Lilly the witch saves Christmas”, “The vampire sisters 1 and 2”) and screenwriter Christof Ritter (“Magda’s got it”) and it starts at 10. January, in theaters.

that’s in the Comedy

a confusion of small-time criminals, Denis (Emilio Sakraya) ends up as a nurse for the motion and communication disabled stroke patients Raimund (Heiner, according to the belly) in a big Villa in the country. Actually, he wanted to break, to be able to his debts to a Gangster settle. As Raymond’s Grand-daughter Charlotte (Sonja Gerhardt) shows up, wants Denis to flee actually, but a huge snow storm blocking his way back. And so he has to as a nurse to endure to look very Raymond’s displeasure, Denis immediately, and with the few remaining means to fight against the intruder fights back…

The special Cast

For the Comedy could be committed to an impressive Cast. Actress Sonja Gerhardt is likely to be the most from the TV-series “Ku’damm” (2016, 2018). After two successful seasons, the Fans are waiting – and in the Rest of the actors themselves – eagerly waiting for the Go-ahead for season three. In 2017, the Berlin-based actress excelled, also, along with the new Dresden as a “crime scene”-Commissioner Cornelia Gröschel (31) in the GDR-two-parter “honey women”.

actor Heiner Lauterbach has been for many decades Topriege the German Film and television stars. No matter, whether in the dramatic History series such as “Tannbach – fate of a village” (2015, 2018), or in award-winning comedies such as “Welcome to the hard man” (2016), he is convinced, actually, always.

Emilio Sakraya many know from the “Bibi & Tina”-movies (2014, 2016, 2017). He was also part of the with countless awards, including the Grimme prize-winning series “4 Blocks” (2017). With “Cold feet” is expected to grow the fan base of the Berliners definitely, the very respectable Topless scenes due to…

there was A brief but joyful reunion with the Austrian Ex-series-Star Gerti Drassl (40). In the first three seasons of the “suburban wives” (since 2015), she was as slightly a housewife and mother, Mary, Schneider estimated. In “Cold feet”, she plays the housekeeper who uses their opportunity after the accident, the grim house of the Lord.

Fans of the boar Hofer thrillers are also likely to know an actor again: this Time, the Austrian Michael Ostrowski (46) plays no pathologist, but a police officer – but definitely no less entertaining.


The very atmospheric feel-good Movie is easily and pleasantly entertaining. The Humor is not subtle, therefore, more likely on the contrary. But the gorgeous actors shame moments like even in the few small Foreign. The cinema card is worth? Yes!