Biebelried – the investigation of The Case, the police in Würzburg announced on Monday. In the case of the dead is a man from Moldova who was at the time of his disappearance in 2015 52 years of age. A hunter had found the body at the time, in a forest in Biebelried near the main Frank parks. Clues to a crime, there is not, according to police.

death-mystery of Biebelried solved by sad coincidence Fund

After the investigators had, for years, received no clues as to the identity of the dead man, reported at the end of October of this year, a 22-Year-old. The young man had discovered mug shots of the corpse on the Internet and his father recognized. A DNA comparison was a certainty.

Disappearance of the dead gave 2015 puzzles

The 22-Year-old and his father were, according to the son, in November 2015, with the Bus from Bremen in the direction of Moldova on-the-go, as his father after a Stop at the motorway Parking lot of sand to dig is no longer returned in the Bus. The Bus was driven without the man.

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