It is the nightmare of every Internet user: thousands of personal data of politicians and celebrities landed by a Hacker in the network, including the most intimate data such as Chat logs, and credit card data. The sad truth is: That can happen to any of us – if we do not protect our data. What is the most people will be aware of: By the step up to a Smartphone and Tablet, the threats have become more diverse. We have collected some simple rules for you, with which you can protect your privacy.

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A gigantic data Apps are the case today. Even reputable companies use the numerous access rights to the mobile operating systems Android and iOS, massive amounts of data accumulating about the user. For example, by for no good reason motion profiles, GPS, or matter-of-factly, the address book will be read collected. Because Smartphones with private photos, Chats, GPS, Banking and contact details are filled, allow you to far deeper intervention than was the case of PCs. They need, therefore, is always whether the App asked for the rights, really – and you’d better choose a less greedy Alternative. How to protect your data on the Smartphone even better, you can find here for Apple iPhone and here for Android Smartphones.

Be frugal with your own data!

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How can spy on your Smartphone you – even though you have everything turned off

By Malte Mansholt

Even in the age of social media, the following applies: The less you know about it, the less attack surface you have to offer. The more sites and services you entrust to data, the more likely it is that these can be tapped. Therefore, when Shopping Online makes sense, not every store credit cards-call number and to stick to a service like Paypal or Apple Pay if they are supported. In social media, as little data as possible publicly to disclose or make the profile private. So, for example, to fake friends requests fall, which will then be used to rip-off – learn more here.

you Use secure passwords!

a Lot of data such as addresses and credit card numbers come still of Hacks on websites. Nevertheless, most of the Germans use a lot of too simple passwords. Who really wants to be on the safe side, you should choose for each page its own password that should also be safe. Why the most classic password rules don’t help, you can find here.

Who’s afraid of the Overview of the passport to lose words, you should use a password Manager. The Mozilla Firefox and also Apple’s iOS have already been installed. In the Browser, you should not save by the way: the Login data is stored in clear text and can be read out.

GPS Tracking

is your iPhone always saves where you are – so you can leave the snoops

By Malte Mansholt Use Two-factor authentication

So that the hackers can do with stolen passwords is nothing you should rely on the Two-factor authentication. For example, a via SMS clever Code is added to the password a second Safety threshold. Even though SMS is no longer fully safe, which makes this method to make use of hackers, at least serious, abgefischte log-in data.

Keep your System protected!

A current operating system, anti virus System and regular data backups are on the PC, duty. And also on the Smartphone it is part of the security-even one as fast as possible the latest Updates and to regularly back up your own data. Because even there, there are always security gaps that are exploited by attackers.

especially Android Smartphones are affected. First of all because the open System Apps are much more in-depth ways. On the other, because many manufacturers allow their customers Updates in the lurch and most of the devices with outdated systems, are on the road. Therefore, you should also make use of on Android-smartphone antivirus protection. More about protection against Trojans, you can find here.

Open networks to avoid

So appealing open Wlans are: Avoid, there with a Smartphone or Laptop to log in. Many of the Connections your device is not encrypted and can be read out by other persons in the network. Especially the automatic Log-in to such networks should be avoided at all costs: hackers used often fake Hotspots to the data of innocent users. If there is no other way, set while using a secure connection through a VPN service.

And last, but not least: you are skeptical

The most important tool for Hacker naivety remains, therefore, you should bring on your Smartphone or PC is always a healthy Dose of skepticism. This App really needs my data? I know the Facebook friend really? If in doubt, go against the convenient solution. There is almost always a safer Alternative.