“scene of the crime: The tower”: Anna Janneke (Margarita Broich), and Paul Brix (Wolfram Koch)

©HR/Degeto/Bettina Müller

20:15, The First, the scene of the crime: The tower

Janneke (Margarita Broich), and Brix (Wolfram Koch) night call to a crime scene. A young woman, scantily clad, a plastic bag pulled over the head, lying dead at the feet of one of the Bank towers in Frankfurt. While Janneke arrives early on the scene, late Brix. Janneke goes alone into the tower, and gives a first impression of the scene of the crime, as is so often the photos. Suddenly she hears steps behind. Instinctively, she reaches for her camera. A couple of times, illuminating a flash of light, the Scenery, and then a bounce. As Brix finally arrives, he finds Janet unconscious in the Elevator.

20:15 Uhr, ZDFneo, Helen Dorn: The third girl

A woman is found dead on the banks of the Rhine. The relationships with old cases, arrange for LKA-Department head Matt hot (Stephan bite Meier), Helen thorn (Anna Loos) as a senior investigator in the Team back. Evidence at the scene pointed to a recent series of murders that took four years ago across North Rhine-Westphalia. Three young women were murdered according to the same m. o., The investigation of the LKA Düsseldorf ended with the conviction of former teacher Michael Cornelius (Harald Schrott), who is serving his prison sentence.

20:15, hr, steam noodle Blues: A boar Hofer crime

in the province of Bulle Franz Eber Hofer (Sebastian Bezzel), the gifted and talented with his cooking, but nearly pigeon-Oma (Ilse Neubauer), and his kiffenden, Beatles-loving father (Eisi Gulp) lives in the Bavarian lower cold churches, determined in the case of the first, disappeared, and then from the train overran the school Director Höpfl. “Die you Pig” was still a few days in advance to the house wall. It was murder, was it suicide? Boar Hofer believes in the Former. Its not always the official investigation, he is assisted by his Munich-based Ex-colleagues Rudi birch Berger (Simon Schwarz).

at 21:45, The First, Maria Wern, Kripo Gotland: Fatal passion

Maria Wern (Eva Röse) in the coastal town of Visby, a state job: With the Team of the Kripo Gotland to ensure safety during the year the Swedish party leaders meeting. However, before we begin, takes place in the conference hotel, a branda shock. Although no one is hurt, but the already traveled party leader Ursula Henry (Amanda Ooms) has disappeared without a trace. When you search Maria works together with Sebastian (Erik Johansson), with whom she has a secret Liaison resumed.

at 21:45, WDR, A murder with a view

The police are called to the home of Hans-Peter Jogereit (Matthias Matschke). Here it should be to come to a violent quarrel. However, the officials face a far worse scenario: Jogereit was shot. Next to the corpse of his Nemesis, Sophie Haas (Caroline Peters), in the Hand the murder weapon. Of course, this is immediately under suspicion of murder. However, after the examination of witnesses Commissioner Holm (Nina Proll) is not in doubt of their guilt. For each of the last 24 hours, describes from his very subjective point of view.