stick A small Wi-Fi button on the washing machine and detergent henceforth, simply by the push of a button shopping – such “Order” button, the Online retailer Amazon customer since 2016, for cat food, coffee, and other everyday products. But this is now: The higher regional court of Munich sentenced the Amazon on Thursday for the omission.

The stick-on, only with the manufacturer’s Logo marked buttons lead to intransparent and orders. Clear information on content, price, and the clear reference to a payment subject to the order were missing, stated the judge. So Amazon is in breach of the laws for the Internet trade.

While the customer has decided upon the Installation of the order button-which is what he ordered: A box of Heineken beer for 21,36 EUR, Pommery champagne for 20,90 or for 69,90 Euro one of the two dozen products by the condom manufacturer Durex. “Order by the push of a button, if your favorite product is running low. You will receive your new product before the old one has been used up,” promises of the Internet dealers.

But what, exactly, was hidden again behind the button with the Ariel Logo on it? In addition, Amazon could in the General terms and conditions, to change Details, criticised the judges: “When I press the button it means I want, Ariel?” the Senate Chairman Andreas Muller said. “May be supplied in place of powder and liquid Laundry detergents? We think that the clause is non-transparent.” In addition, the mandatory clear note that each push of a button, release a paid order is missing.

consumers of Westphalia, Sued Central North Rhine-Westphalia. There complaints from consumers had been received, the spokesman said Thomas Bradler. The regional court of Munich, had ordered Amazon to cease and desist. The higher regional court to the castle now, and did no Revision.

One of the Amazon’s lawyers reacted to the decision of his colleagues, with the whispered exclamation: “shit!” Now his wife had to buy Laundry detergent again in the supermarket, he explained to the judges.

Alexa will be the button

replace use of As many customers in Germany, such “Order” button at all, Amazon wrapped himself in the process in Silence. Swiss Post has tried Wi-Fi buttons for a few months with thousands of customers, the result is still pending. The trading company Valora delivers test energy drinks by pressing a button, and it showed by the positive response surprised.

But the Institute for trade research (IFH) in Cologne you can see the buttons, rather than a temporary solution “to customers to introduce them to automated orders”. The trader could also control: “How much do I order, at what price and when?”, Eva Stüber from the IFH said. But the buttons should be replaced by voice controls such as Alexa and Siri, as well as Smart-Home devices, such as automatically reordering cooling cabinets anyway.

Amazon uses the proprietary trading and as a marketplace in Germany, approximately 26 billion euros in the year and in doing so, nearly half of all Online turnover in Germany. In the case of food only a percentage of the purchases over the Internet, but Stüber said. Here will now be re-tightened. But not with the order button.

Amazon wants to take action against judgment

Amazon has now released a Statement: “today’s ruling is not only hostile to innovation – customers are also prevents the fact, to make an informed decision about whether or not a Service as the Dash Button enables a comfortable shopping experience. We are convinced that the Dash Button and the accompanying App are in accordance with the German legislation. Therefore, we will appeal.”

Roland Losch / DPA