David Walliams was deeply impressed by his colleague Jennifer Aniston

©mago/PA Images

The British actor and children’s book author, David Walliams (47, “Great expectations”) was present at the shooting to the common Netflix-movie “Murder Mystery” so impressed with his “charming and U.S. colleague, Jennifer Aniston (49, “Friends worthy of love””), that it completely bowled him over. In an interview with the British “Heat Magazine” he said, according to Daily Mail: “it is a dream. I was so impressed, because she is so famous.”

not praising only Aniston Walliams in the highest tones, he enthusiastically showed US-Co-Star Adam Sandler (52, “don’t mess with the Zohan”), have ensured a positive atmosphere on the Set. “Adam Sandler is funny, and he improvises constantly, makes you Laugh, plays fun music and dancing on the Set,” gave Walliams a glimpse of the filming of the action Comedy, in which a New make York police officer and his wife a trip to Europe, her marriage to refresh. But then you are involved in a case of death…

“I don’t think I’ve ever made a happier experience on a Job,” said Walliams on the film project, which will be seen in 2019, in the case of Netflix.