The energy group RWE has started with the clearing of obstacles in the hambach forest. According to information from the Aachen police employees of the company to remove barricades and obstacles. In addition, objects to be backed up, the climate activists for crimes and misdemeanors, use of, or the construction of barricades could be used. Evictions of the meadow camps or tree houses are not planned, it said.

police officers are supposed to guarantee the use of the safety of the RWE workforce. The competent Aachen police is supported to the words of a spokesperson of forces from other cities. For more information on the number of officers you made. On Twitter, the police appealed to the activists staying in the forest to behave cooperatively.

brown coal opponents and opponents protested in the forest area between Cologne and Aachen against the continued use of brown coal for electricity generation. The RWE group intends to grub up a part of the hambach forest to increase the size of the adjacent open pit mine of Hambach. The higher administrative court in Münster, however, had imposed recently by Eilbeschluss a grubbing-up stop.