candidate Christina gets a Bachelor Andrej Mangold at the end of the episode was not a Rose


The best appearance in the fifth episode of “The Bachelor” came to the conclusion that Christina gets in the night of roses, no Rose, and snapped completely. Your finish is to rant to a Curse: “This is sick… this is sick… I could have sworn, he is a loyal, honest people… I don’t know what has ridden him… sorry, what is this app even exist…. So what I don’t need… he can be glad that I have him, no shooting…”

What had happened? Christina had her longed-for a single date with the Bachelor Andrej Mangold. A romantic Candel-Light Dinner with Sushi on the beach. No, the Bachelor has kissed you. Didn’t crackle it is also clearly evident. “And if it’s not crackling time at the Candel Light Dinner on the beach, then when,” says the Bachelor, and refused to come to her at the end of a More, what makes Christina into a fury. Ernestine also get no Rose, but she relaxed taking the dissipation.

romantic overnight date with Steffi

But first things first: The Bachelor’s quoted right at the beginning of Cecilia and Nathalia to the single conversation in the Bachelor’s Villa, one of the two to sort out. It meets Cecilia, because she was still very young and still in a decision phase. Nathalia is allowed to stay, but needs to show more of themselves. The Steffi in a romantic single date. The envious looks of the other Ladies to follow Steffi, as she is on the way to the Bachelor. In small aircraft it goes to La Paz to the port, and from there out to the sea for snorkeling and the sea lions are observed, followed by a romantic Dinner.

“Checkpot!”, Steffi is happy and the obligatory Sofa, like to kiss. “It is in harmony also with the tongues,” she says. Andrei sees something different: “It was not immediately harmonious from the very first Moment.” But he wants to find out how Steffi without the cameras and invites you to Stay.

in each other’s arms, both lying on the next Morning in bed, then Steffi sits radiantly at Breakfast. “The night was short, because we have talked a lot,” she says. Nothing else? “Just kissed. Better it would not run.”

Jenny and Eva suffer

In the lady’s Villa in a bad mood. He spends a kiss, the next time you cuddle and the next night, depressed the rose candidates. Especially Jenny. If you knew that the other was gone, would you be afraid that you can’t let him get to. Eva is also angry: “A slap in the face,” she says Steffi’s overnight date. Only Nadine was pleased that her Nemesis suffers from Jenny. The suffering is still greater than Steffi back in the Villa comes from the swarms no longer comes out: “it was so beautiful. Like in a fairy tale. If we kissed? Not once.”

Jenny could hardly listen to, but then a crucial question: “Where is your Rose?” However, since this must fit, unfortunately: the single date is no for Steffi.

a Short time later, the Bachelor comes to all in the Villa. With Popcorn, he wants to watch it with the women on the Couch chilling out and children photos. He calls it a “journey into the past.” A bit embarrassing for a lot of Ladies find it. Each of them is a children gets shown a picture and must tell from her Childhood. Ernestine was sent by her cousins in a Turkey cage, Nadine, because of their large Breasts being bullied. Nathalia talks about her stark Childhood in Brazil, you have seen how people were in front of her killed. The last photograph shows the Bachelor’s degree as a blonde, curly haired toddler in the Arm of his Mama. To miss the occasion for all of their own mothers, and to shed a few tears.

Tears single date with Vanessa

The Bachelor, but before Vanessa to a single date. Again, it is family, Vanessa gets a message from her sister. They talk about their difficult relationships with their fathers. A Date with the charm of a therapy hour… Then it goes back on the obligatory Sofa that appears after you have any romantic Dinner, all of a sudden, and it is cuddle time. The Bachelor’s degree is an effort: “You have soft skin.” And has plans: “You’re lying there, got wine drunk, one is eager to see in which direction it goes,” he says. In no. Vanessa does not want to be kissing. “I think that says I not the Only one here, so I can not let me fall,” she said. He finds it good that she is the first woman that says that she’s too fast. In spite of dissipation, Vanessa gets a Rose.

the night of The roses

uses The fifth night of the roses on the Bachelor for short conversations. With Jenny, he assured that he would have kissed her. And with Jade, the comparison of the Bachelor, with a book, of which you’ve only read the beginning and wanted to read to the end. And although Jade “does not read at all.”

The following is a pool party, and especially the Ladies in the skimpy Bikinis, the Bachelor enjoys to the full. “It was nice to look at, I could get used to me,” he says. “I have been thinking, if I sit down at the edge of a pool and watch.” But then the moment of truth: the rose distribution. And it follows the brilliant departure of Christina.

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