Chinese Smartphone vendor, according to calculations by market researchers on the rise – at the expense of the two top dogs Samsung and Apple.

In the past year, the three largest Chinese brands Huawei, Xiaomi and Oppo together secured a market share of 28.5 percent, as the IT analysis company Gartner said on Thursday. In 2017, just 23 percent of the world market accounted for yet.

Samsung looks to Gartner, remains the clear number one by the number of sold Smartphones with good 295 million devices and a market share of 19 percent in the past year. But some Samsung customers have migrated to Chinese suppliers, said Gartner Analyst Anshul Gupta. Huawei Apple sought.

The Premium devices from Chinese manufacturers are cheaper than the equivalent models from Samsung and Apple, offer comparable performance and features, argued Gupta. “Therefore, have more consumers for Smartphones from Chinese vendors.” Also the Reputation of the brands, the gap is not more of the established providers as large as before. “In the past, people have shows your Smartphone from Apple or Samsung proud, today, you do the same with brands like Vivo.”

The Gartner Analyst is not expecting the new foldable Smartphones such as Samsung on Wednesday launched Galaxy Fold trigger a quick surge in demand. “The market no longer works in the way that people buy a Smartphone, just because a new technology is available.”

it was still different than Smartphones, with the faster LTE radio (4G) came out: “There is a demand-wave.” The Use of foldable Smartphones may not be for many but so obvious – and they are also expensive. For the Galaxy Fold, which comes in may in the trade, calling Samsung a price of nearly 2000 dollars.

The device could appeal to users who are already using a Smartphone and Tablet on the go, and so a device could at home, said Gupta. At the same time, many questions are still open: “Are work these devices really on a level with a Tablet? And how good are you as a Smartphone when it is closed?”

At the same time, attributed to Gupta that foldable Displays will have a huge effect: “It is a lot of new Device and usage scenarios.” And so the technology will be important for providers who want to fuel the demand for their flagship devices, “regardless of whether it is OnePlus, Samsung or Apple”.