Linkin Park front man Chester Bennington took to the 20. July 2017 is the life

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On the 20. July 2017, the Linkin found Park singer Chester Bennington (1976-2017) dead in his mansion in Los Angeles, he had committed suicide. The singer left behind millions of Fans, his wife and six children. However, even though the pain hurts about the loss of his father, plans to son Jaime Bennington (22) a touching tribute to his late dad. Together with Chester Benningtons first Post-Grunge Band Grey Daze, his son would like to import the epic Songs of the musician from “Numb” to “One More Light”.

released As the Band on their Facebook page, there are already five other high-profile musicians to help you with the new entries. The Korn guitarist Brian “Head” Welch and James “Munky” Shaffer, P. O. D.-reef master Marcos Curiel, Bush guitarist Chris Traynor and Dead-By-Sunrise-guitarist Ryan Shuck want to be your friend, a sort of last respects by playing his songs.

Already in the beginning of February, the high-profile musicians met together with Jaime Bennington in a recording Studio in Los Angeles. For the former Band members of Grey Daze, it was like a trip back in time, as you tell on Facebook.

“Chester would have been so proud of his son Jaime Bennington. Jaime sang last night to a recording of his father in the NRG Recording Studios, and his voice is great! It sounds like his father’s. We are all very proud to be a part of this thing.”