she played in “Clueless – What else!” the main roles (from left): Alicia Silverstone and the late Brittany Murphy and Stacey Dash

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The teen Comedy “Clueless – What else!” celebrates in July its 24. Birthday. For this occasion, now combines parts of the Cast for a panel discussion. In common memories Scrubs”Star Donald Faison (44), Paul Rudd (49) and Breckin Meyer (44) marvelled at the “Chicago Comic & Entertainment Expo”: Alicia Silverstone (42), which at the time had taken over the main role of the rich, Cher Horowitz, “.

in memory of Brittany Murphy

In the nearly one hour-long Panel, the Comic-Blog “Alternative Mindz” in on YouTube online, the actors spoke about the Film and answered questions from the Fans. “I loved it, to play Cher,” said Silverstone. You’ve had a lot of fun with your Co-Stars during the shoot. “I didn’t know the girl, so it made very much fun to be you. Also because I’ve led a completely different life,” says Silverstone.

the now deceased Brittany Murphy (1977-2009) was meant to be in the Panel. She celebrated with “Clueless” in her breakthrough on the silver screen: “she was so good,” said Silverstone. And also Breckin Meyer found words of praise for Murphy, the actor described as “incredibly talented”. Murphy died in December 2009, with only 32 years of age of pneumonia.

Paul Rudd has barely changed

A Fan of Paul Rudd asked bluntly, as it may be, that he is older visually: “Inside I’m 80 years old. Under this surface, it is a huge mess,” joked the 49-Year-old. How Alicia Silverstone revealed on Instagram that she was at the night before with Rudd while eating. Wrote a picture of the two of you: “What a nice reunion last night with my friend Paul Rudd. I love this guy. I mean, he ordered for the both of us a vegan dish,” says Silverstone.

Donald Faison is granted to Instagram a little insight into the Reunion. He posted a group picture of the four actors and played in his comment on the Song “Rollin’ With My Homies” by Rapper Coolio (55), which is featured in the Film and on the Soundtrack.

Remake is reported in planning

As the U.S. industry magazine “Deadline” in October 2018, to Clueless ” – What else!” get a Remake. Many of the Details are yet not known. The screenplay by Walter Robinson write, who last worked for the Netflix series “Glow”. The original screenwriter Tracy Oliver (“Girls Trip confirmed”) via Twitter.

to see In the movie of 1995 was next to Alicia Silverstone, Paul Rudd, Donald Faison, Breckin Meyer and Brittany Murphy Stacey Dash (52). After the movie, a series: “Clueless – The Chaos-Clique”. From 1996 to 1999, Rachel Blanchard (43) played the main role. Dash and Faison returned as Dionne and Murray.