Update from Sunday, 18. November: three months Ago, Roman Schmoll, host loses in the Gasthaus zur Post in Baierbrunn his Arm in a firecracker accident. Shortly before Frank Rosin turned on an episode of “Rosins Restaurants” for cable 1 together with sulk in his Inn. Then the tragedy happened.

Now, three months later, the settlement is host to pout back in his kitchen, with a wood prosthesis. For Frank Rosin, apparently the occasion to Express also his family by a tragic accident.

Frank Rosin to host Baier Brunner: “I admire your strength,”

Frank Rosin has posted the tz-Exclusive-photo by Roman pout in Instagram and writes: “Dear Roman, I admire Your strength. Keep it up.“ As the Team soon learned of the accident. “We were all very shocked,” says the well-known TV chef and kitchen Coach. “All the more admirable it is that he makes steadfast, and in his own Restaurant in Baierbrunn again boils.”

At the end of his Posts indicates Frank Rosin on the broadcast date. “The result you see on the 29.11. 20:15 Kabel1.“ Whether “Rosins Restaurants” also addresses the accident and the time afterwards, and leaves Frank Rosin.


After the fireworks-accident in Baierbrunn: innkeeper cooks with prosthesis made by 3D printer

Original article from Friday, 16. November: It’s a balmy summer day was lost, as Roman’s lips with his Hand. The 57-Year-old Puttering time in the beer garden of the guest house to the Post office in Baierbrunn (Kreis München). His son had his 6. Birthday and showed the dad a firecracker, the one he had found in a box. “The was probably left from new year’s eve left,” suspected novel pouty. He lit it, but nothing happened. He tried it a second Time. As the fireworks not be lit again, he took it in Hand. A fatal mistake, because exactly in this Moment the thing exploded. “I saw a flash. And immediately understood that my Hand is gone. They lay in the Meadow. There’s Blood Everywhere. I had infinite pain. So bad that I no longer wanted to live.“

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After firecracker Explosion: novel Schmoll

This is now three months. In a hospital in Munich, Roman has taken Schmoll after the accident, quickly restored courage – also thanks to his partner Martina. Together they spoil their guests with Bavarian and Bohemian cuisine. Long ago, he is back at the stove. “A friend made me this prosthesis with a 3D printer,” says Schmoll and cut up a piece of pork meat. The native of Czech Republic, can afford no Whining. “It must go on. Now, I cook with the left.“

Especially since he has support in his Inn. Prior to the accident, the star chef Frank Rosin had advised the innkeeper to bring its economy on the man in front of you. The TV Star prescribed a new concept (“Rosins cooks”, broadcast date 29.11., Cable one, 20.15 clock). “It was very helpful, Frank Rosin is a great guy,” says the landlady, Martina.

+ to the future with optimism: the innkeeper with his partner Martina.© Achim Schmidt

An important appointment Roman has pout in the coming days. Then he gets a high-tech prosthesis with fingers to Grip. “90 percent of my skills to get it back.” His Hand out of the 3D printer will retain the innkeeper. “She has helped me so much.”

by the Way: Whoever wants to convince himself of the hospitality of the hosts, this can, for example, on Saturday, 24. November, do. Then a Russian evening rises in the Post office in baierbrunn. With live music and specialities.

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