You know the Dilemma: Who has a giant curly mane, wants nothing more than smooth the hair. And the other thing is different. Fortunately, provide hair straighteners and Curling irons remedy. But which devices are good and which are dangerous? Stiftung Warentest has tested a seven straightener and nine Curling irons. With a frightening result.

A shocking high number of devices is dangerous, according to the testers. Five times there was the Lure devices “Poor” twice in the straighteners. All of them were devalued because they were in the safety note.

drugs in Check

are these the best remedies for a cold – according to Stiftung Warentest

pain and the risk of fire

The dangers were of a different kind. Two of the no more Curls-driver, roll up the hair mechanically, shares about the hair. The testers had to pull strongly, and in pain. In the case of the classic bars Attract a other infringement is imminent: several of the subjects have burned themselves to death on hot rods, such as on the neck, the ears and the fingers. Particularly dangerous are two hair straighteners, however,: Because you do not switch off itself is in danger of Forget to an apartment fire.

These models are worthwhile

Particularly annoy Rossmann is expected to: The idea of the world Curling TH 7319 the Drugstore for only ten euros after evaluation of the Test involved in Barber master the best Curls. Due to significant deficiencies in the electrical safety, it is devalued and lands instead on the first-to-last place.

The test victory at the Lure-devices secure instead of Philips Style Care Auto Curler BHB876. The automatic retractor has the second-best curl result and is also very safe. The price is 125 Euro, but also considerably higher. Cheaper the best classic rod Grundig Curl Sensation Hair Styler HS6430 curls. He is 26 euros.

Also in the case of the straighteners, the device with the best hairdressing result dangerous: The Breuer-built and with a Star hairdresser Udo Walz advertised B9 400 (from 45 Euro) smoothes the best. Because it does not switch off but automatically, it is devalued because of the danger of fire is “Deficient”. Instead, it recommends that test were the Remington Pro-Ion Straight S7710. It smoothes minimally worse, but sure. In addition, the handling of goods, a rating test. The price: about 28€.

The full test is available for a fee here (flat iron) and here (lure rods).